Blogs are marketing tools for nearly 80% of businesses. In fact, a blog could increase your conversion rate by six times. If that’s how much a blog release can benefit your business, consider what a press release can do.

Publications can share your professional press release to their broad, existing audience. Then, you can generate more brand awareness for your business. Writing a business press release requires time and know-how, though.

Instead of taking on the task yourself, consider hiring a professional press release writer.

You can leverage their experience and expertise to create wow-worthy, engaging press releases. Not sure who to hire? Here are 11 tips that can help.

After reading this guide, you can benefit from having a professional writer at your side! Read on to start searching today.

1. Consider Your Goals

Before rushing to hire a professional press release writer, take a moment to outline your specific goals.

For example, perhaps you want to write press releases for specific publications. Maybe you want to market upcoming events or your company’s recent accomplishments. Make a list of what you want to achieve through press release writing.

Then, look for a professional writer who has achieved those same goals for other businesses in the past. You can feel more confident in their abilities knowing they’ve already accomplished the same goals.

Perhaps you want to improve your search engine rankings.

Determine if you want to find a press release writer who has search engine optimization (SEO) experience, too. SEO can improve your rankings on search engines like Google. Ranking ahead of competitors can ensure more people will find your press release.

You can use SEO to generate brand awareness, website traffic, and leads. Your credibility will rise as your rankings improve, too.

In fact, SEO drives 1,000% more website traffic than organic social media. Leads through SEO have a 14.6% close rate as well.

Learning how to write a press release with SEO in mind can take time and practice. Make sure you find someone who has successfully written for SEO.

Ask how they’ve measured the results from their efforts over time, too.

2. Manage Your Expectations

Before you begin working with a professional press release writer, it’s important that you manage your expectations. Don’t hire someone who makes you promises or guarantees. Instead, they should help you develop a plan based on your unique goals.

An experienced writer can help by outlining their abilities. They’ll help you maintain realistic expectations.

For example, they might help you get published on certain websites because they have connections with specific journalists. They might struggle to get your press release published on 100 publications if they haven’t in the past, though.

3. Establish Your Budget

Before choosing a professional writer, take a moment to consider your budget. How much can you spend on a business press release?

Ask each writer for an estimate. Ask them what’s included based on their quote, too.

For example, some writers will only create your press release and offer basic proofreading services. Others can help reach out to journalists and publications. They can write a pitch for your press release, too.

Make sure the services they offer align with your goals. Then, determine if you can afford their services.

Each writer’s expenses can vary based on their experience and expertise.

4. Gather Referrals

Talk to other business owners within your professional network. Ask if they’ve hired a press release writer in the past. If they have, ask about their experience working with the writer.

For example, was the writer organized, professional, and efficient? How long did it take for them to write the first draft? Ask the client if they encountered any problems while working with the writer, too.

Learning from their previous experience could save you valuable time during your search. You might feel more confident hiring a writer based on referrals, too.

Once you have a list of writers to choose from, try to learn as much as you can about each writer. For example, how long have they worked as a professional writer? Do they specialize in press release writing?

Make a list of questions you want to ask each business owner before you talk to them. They could provide you with insights that aren’t available online.

5. Look for English Speakers

Before choosing a professional press release writer, make sure they’re a native English speaker. If they’re not fluent in your language, they might struggle. The press release they create might not appeal to your distinct target audience.

Instead, make sure the writer has the ability to produce high-quality content. If the word choices seem awkward, they’re not the right fit.

Instead, the press release they create should sound clear, concise, and professional.

If it’s not, journalists might decide they can’t publish it.

6. Draft Interview Questions

Once you have a few writers to interview, make a list of questions you want to ask. Interview at least three writers for the job. Interviewing them can help you determine if they’re capable of accomplishing your goals.

For example, you might ask:

  • How long have you worked as a writer

  • Have you helped businesses like mine

  • How many press releases have you written

  • How many of those releases were published

  • Do you have professional contacts you can use

Interviewing at least three writers can help you weed out the best from the bunch. You can learn more about their experience and expertise, too.

7. Look for Experience

When hiring a writer, it’s important to make sure their experience and expertise align with your goals. Otherwise, they might struggle to help you accomplish those goals. You might waste valuable time and money as a result.

Instead, determine how long each writer has worked in the industry. Consider how many clients they’ve helped over the years, too. Ask if they’ve ever helped clients within your industry or niche.

Their previous experience within your niche might give you an advantage. These professionals will have an easier time understanding your audience.

They’ll have an easier time appealing to your customers through high-quality writing as a result.

It’s not enough to find a professional writer with years of general writing experience, though. Remember, you’re looking for a press release writer. Ask each writer how long they’ve worked on press release writing.

Determine how many press releases they’ve worked on in that time, too.,

Nearly 80% of content marketers add press releases to their content marketing strategy. Chances are, the writer has worked on a few press releases over the years.

If they haven’t, however, look elsewhere. Their lack of experience might impact your success.

Instead, find someone with years of hands-on experience writing press releases.

You can reach out to this company to get started.

8. Review Their PR Work

Remember, it helps to find someone who has years of experience writing press releases. Ask each writer if they have any articles you can review. Take a look at their portfolio to assess their work’s quality.

Reviewing their portfolio can help you determine if their skills meet your needs and expectations.

Ask if you can see a few different press releases. For example, you can look at press releases that cover:

  • Rebranding

  • Acquisitions and mergers

  • New hires

  • Events

  • Accomplishments

If you require a specific type of press release, read that one first. Is the writing clear and concise? Does the writer’s style align with yours?

Ask the writer if they’re able to match your company’s tone and voice, too.

Otherwise, ask the press release writer if they provide test articles. You can come up with an assignment to assess the writer’s abilities. If you can, ask for at least two different test articles.

Ask them to write two different press releases to assess their skill set.

9. Read Reviews

Ask the professional writer if they can provide client testimonials or reviews. Learn from the people who were once in your shoes.

Reading reviews can help you find a writer who already has a strong reputation. You might feel more confident in their abilities as a result. Look for a writer who has gained the respect of their clients over the years.

Make sure their reviews are recent, too. You don’t want to hire a writer who took a 10-year break. Instead, make sure they’ve helped clients recently.

If you can, speak with two or three of their most recent clients. Have a list of questions you want to ask prepared. Learn more from each client’s experience working with the writer.

10. Consider Speed and Accuracy

Ask each writer how long it will take to create a professional press release. Make sure they’re fast without sacrificing quality. Remember, journalists won’t publish a low-quality press release.

Find a writer who can work based on the deadlines you set.

11. Look for Passion

Above all else, make sure you’re finding a talented, passionate writer. Their passion will show in their work.

Write On: 11 Tips for Hiring the Best Press Release Writer

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a general writer for your next professional press release. Instead, use these tips to find the best press release writer available. With these tips, you can feel confident in their abilities.

These writers can help you get published in professional publications. Then, you can reach more customers than ever before.

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