The floor covering which has to be laid inside a mosque is of greater importance. Mosque carpets are available in so many colors such as burgundy, red, brick, gray, light blue, etc. The right color is one that suits the walls of the mosque.

Mosque carpets are usually made of wool piles combined with silk and cotton. These are highly durable and last for several years. You might be thinking why wool is considered the best material for mosque carpets? This is because of its excellent insulation properties. This densest material possesses high absorption properties. Moreover, it is resistant to dirt. Jute is also a good fabric for mosque carpets because it is a better insulator. The high density of jute fibers makes them good absorbent. Another good feature is that jute can resist bacteria well. Hence, there are so many varieties of these carpets available in the market to choose from. Let’s discover the 3 most important types of mosque carpets:

3 Types Of Mosque Carpets

Looking for good mosque carpets? Then you are at the right place. Continue reading to know what you are looking for;

  1. Axminster Carpets

Axminster carpets are the most common type of mosque carpets. They are available in a lot of varieties to choose from. These carpets are made with wool piles intermingled with a mixture of silk and linen. They are easy to maintain but a regular vacuum is needed.

  1. Burlap Carpets

Another popular type of mosque carpet is burlap carpet. Constructed from the pulverized man-made-made product of burlap, these carpets are available in so many colors. Interlocking is one of the latest innovations that help these carpets to join together. Another good reason for having these carpets in mosques is that they are resistant to stains. Made from high-quality rayon, these carpets are considered one of the most popular types of Turkish carpets.

  1. Ceramic Carpets

If you are looking for a luxurious carpet for mosques, ceramic carpets could be the best option. They are highly resistant to dust, heat, sunlight, and moisture. People prefer installing them in almost every prayer room because of their beneficial features. Made with polypropylene rayon, these carpets are considered the best type of mosque carpets.

Final Thoughts

Every type of floor covering makes a unique and refreshing statement. The mosque carpets should have everything such as perfect detailing, the right color combination, and patterns. A good performance, value, and aesthetics can only be achieved if you choose the right carpet for your mosque. Hygiene plays a crucial role too as a lot of people come from different areas to offer prayers. So carpets that are resistant to dust and moisture are highly recommended. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to care about these carpets. A regular vacuum is necessary to keep them free from dust otherwise it would lead to several health problems especially for those who are allergic patients.

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