In 2021, the timeshare industry experienced a rapid recovery from the 2020 slump, recording an increase of 68.7% in sales. 

If you’re among those considering buying a timeshare to help you save on future getaways, no doubt you’ve come across the Disney Vacation Club during your research.

DVC is one of the most reputable and popular vacation clubs worldwide. It’s also one of the most expensive unless you get your foot in the door via DVC resales. 

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1. You Pay Less With DVC Resales

DVC membership is a cheaper way to vacation, offering a wide variety of options in the USA and abroad. It always works out cheaper to own a timeshare than to hire hotel rooms of the same standard.

Buying DVC directly from Disney comes with a hefty price tag, though. Fortunately, you can save on your DVC membership cost by buying ‘used’ DVC resale contracts.

When DVC members sell their points interest, they usually do so via a reputable, licensed broker. The selling price of these points is sometimes 70% cheaper than buying directly from Disney.

The buying process for DVC resales is straightforward, and you still receive most of the benefits associated with Disney Vacation Club. 

2. DVC Resales Offer DVC Membership Benefits

When you buy points via the DVC resales market, you still get to vacation at all the original DVC properties, excluding new resorts, i.e., Riviera.

These vacations come with a host of benefits of their own, like:

  • Free parking
  • Laundry facilities
  • Mousekeeping
  • Kitchens for self-catering
  • Easy access to theme parks
  • Onsite facilities and events

You also get access to the Top of the World Lounge, which is exclusive to DVC members. 

That might seem like a lot, but you do lose out on a few benefits available to members who buy direct from Disney. 

3. Restrictions on DVC Resale Points

Members who buy DVC resale points may not do exchanges into any of DVC’s new resorts, like Riviera, Disney Cruises, or Disney Collection Resorts.

You’ll also lose out on invitations to exclusive member events and discounts on dining, theme park tickets, and shopping. Adventures by Disney and the Concierge collection are off-limits to those who buy points on the DVC resale market.

Members who buy resale points at Riviera may only book point exchanges into that resort.  

For many members, these are a small sacrifice compared to the cost savings they enjoy from buying resale points.

If you want to build up an extensive portfolio of points, you can buy the minimum number directly from DVC and top up with resale points. This way, you’ll still receive all the benefits of membership. 

Embrace the Best Vacations

While DVC resales offer a cheaper entry point to the wonderful world of Disney resort vacations, DVC membership is still a costly, long-term investment. You’re responsible for ongoing membership fees until your contract ends.

If you’re not sure you can afford these annual costs, you’re better off with a more traditional type of vacation. Browse our blog for the best travel inspiration.