In 2022 I set monthly reading goals. You can see the 9 books I picked to read in March here. (April’s book picks are coming up!) Here are 4 books I’ve read recently…

Note: You can follow the books I finish this year and my star ratings on GoodReads. Books are also rated on a scale of 1-5 stars. I basically won’t finish a book if it’s one star (not worth my time!) and I will rarely give a book a 5 star rating unless it was just absolutely amazing or life changing.

Jesus Eternal

I struggled through this book. It’s interesting because when I was preparing this review I read the Amazon description of it and that’s not what I realized the book was supposed to be about at all. So for me it hit the mark.

It felt like it was a bit fuzzy, some of the attempts to modernize the biblical stories felt inappropriate and out of context, and it just lacked the depth I was hoping for.

However, I know that not every book is for everyone and that certain writing styles affect different people differently… so you might love it!

Verdict: 2 stars

The London House

I enjoyed the other Katherine Reay novels and was excited about this one. There were parts that were interesting and I learned some new things about World War II, but it felt like the book was skipped a lot and hard to follow (and I saw some Amazon reviewers say the same thing).

If you like WWII novels and epistolary novels (much of the book was told through journal entries and letters), then you might like this novel.

One thing I would have loved to hear about her research and what parts of the book were based on true facts. I felt like a lot of research had gone into the book. I just wasn’t sure what was fact and what was fiction.

Verdict: 3 stars

come sit with me

This book is a compilation of chapters written by different women about friendship and loving others well despite our differences and differences of opinion. I felt that it is such a necessary topic in this day and age when there is so much division and difficulty having conversations with people who believe differently than we do.

I appealed to some writers more than others and felt like there was some repetition, but overall I appreciated the message of how to stay when the going gets tough in a friendship, loving well, forgiveness and kindness, even when it’s’ d difficult.

Verdict: 3 stars

The last bookshop in London

I really enjoyed this World War II novel. It’s a slower novel, but I love how it develops and shows what it was like to live as an everyday citizen in London during the war. It was a different perspective than any other book I’ve read about World War II and it really made me think what it would have been like to be left behind while so many left to go and fight and all the sacrifices those who stayed behind made.

There are also many literary references in the book, so if you like slow but well-developed novels, literary themed novels and/or WWII novels, I think you’ll enjoy this novel.

Verdict: 4 stars

What have you read recently? Are there any books you think I should read?

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