5 Amazing Benefits of Getting a Nose Job

According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are 218,924 rhinoplasties every year in the US. This makes nose reshaping the most common facial plastic surgery procedure. 

From an appearance perspective, there’s no doubt that your nose makes a major impact. Not only is it smack-bang in the center of your face, but your nose is often your largest and most prominent facial feature. This makes being unhappy about your nose for any reason all the more frustrating and hard to ignore.

Fortunately, a nose job can enhance the form and other characteristics of your nose for natural-looking, long-lasting results. But there are many more amazing nose job benefits, some of which you might not have considered. Let’s take a look! 

1. More Attractive Nose

By far the main reason people cite for getting a nose job is to improve the appearance of their nose. Many rhinoplasty patients struggle with unhappiness and preoccupation about the size, shape, or features of their noses for years. And, since your nose never stops growing, any concerns about its appearance often become more severe over time. 

Common cosmetic reasons that people seek a nose job can include:

  • Nasal size: A nose that is too large or too small
  • Nasal width: A nose that is too wide or too narrow
  • Nasal bridge: A hooked nose, dorsal hump, or a broad nasal bridge
  • Asymmetry: A twisted or deviated nose
  • Nostril appearance: Uneven or big nostrils procedures
  • Nasal tip: A nasal tip that is round, bulbous, pointed, drooping, upturned, or disproportionate with the face 

A nose job may include several of these procedures at once if a patient has a range of different cosmetic concerns about the appearance of their nose. 

2. Fix Nasal Injuries

If you break your arm, it’s usually pretty obvious. You’ll also know you can go back to using it as before as soon as it heals. 

This isn’t always the case with your nose. If you take a blow to the nose, whether it’s via an errant soccer ball or an over-excited toddler, it’s not always easy to determine if you’ve broken it. You might experience swelling and bruising without a break or you might break your nose and not even realize it for years. 

If left untreated, a broken nose can cause facial deformities, breathing issues, snoring, tenderness, and more. Manual realignment is only possible during the first two weeks, making nasal realignment surgery necessary after this period. You may have even had manual realignment that didn’t quite restore your nose to its original appearance. 

Whatever the original injury and no matter how much time has passed, a nose job can relieve any pain, while also improving the appearance and functioning of your injured nose. 

3. Facial Harmony

Whether it’s due to unfortunate genetics or a previous nasal injury, a person’s natural nose won’t always fit with the rest of their face. As such, with a combination of skill and artistry, an experienced cosmetic surgeon can reshape your nose to give you what nature couldn’t.

But getting a nose job doesn’t mean getting a nose like Bella Hadid’s. Instead, it means getting a customized fit for your facial features. One of the main nose job advantages is how it will bring balance and harmony to your face straight away by taking your other facial features into account.

With symmetry and proportion, you’ll look better but still natural, with no obvious signs that you’ve had your nose altered in any way. And those who didn’t know you pre-op shouldn’t be able to spot that you’ve had a nose job – unless you choose to tell them, of course. 

4. Huge Confidence Boost

Many patients spend years wondering how to get a nose job before they go under the knife. Years of critiquing their nose from every angle. Years of shying away from the camera. Years of learning makeup contouring tricks to improve the look of their nose. 

For many, a nose job addresses these concerns. But beyond the physical improvements, a nose job also boosts your confidence levels, self-esteem, and life satisfaction, as this German research study found. 

Feeling more positive and confident about your appearance can then lead to other more indirect nose job benefits. These can include an increased desire to socialize, meet new people, and take on new challenges. 

5. Improved Breathing

One of the key benefits of a nose job, and sometimes the main reason for getting one, is to breathe better through the nose. Whether due to a natural obstruction or one that developed following nasal trauma or injury, issues such as a deviated septum, blocked nasal canal, or small nostrils can disturb sleep, contribute to snoring, and interfere with a range of physical activities. 

A nose job may be both medical and cosmetic, with the objective to balance and refine the appearance of your nose while also improving how your nose functions. But, if there is an underlying medical issue, your surgeon will tailor your treatment to the underlying problem. For example, if you have severe septal deviation, or a deviation that lies near certain critical areas of nasal support, your surgeon would need to strengthen key breathing areas of the nose with cartilage grafts.

Discover These Amazing Benefits of Getting a Nose Job

As this list of amazing nose job benefits shows, there’s a lot more to gain from getting a nose job than you might have realized. 

Many people focus on the aesthetic improvements that a nose job provides. But the physical and psychological benefits of a nose job, from reduced pain following nasal trauma and better breathing to more confidence, are just as important and impressive. 

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