In earlier centuries, women were generalized. It is clear in our society how limited opportunities there were. Luckily, fast forward to modern times, the power of feminism evolved, and women are more vocal to their opinion. They are now stronger than ever. It is vital to communicate well and express one’s emotions accordingly.

Words of encouragement are essential among women. Sharing the same sentiments with your girlfriends helps build stronger relationships and bonds. Emoticons in messages help interpret one’s intentions. Conversations are easy with the use of emojis. Emotions are confusing and misleading, and emoticons are a significant advantage.

The five best empowering emoticons will surely encourage your fellow women dreamers. Women supporting women is today’s motto and life goals. We all will benefit from making use of these witty and creative emoticons. Motivational messages can go a long way. You can never go wrong when you rightfully incorporate emoticons in your notes. You will have the most fun conversations with your girlfriends!

Thinking Face Emoji

Women are full of ideas. We can all agree that a woman’s head and heart are always influential. Unfortunately, during the early times, women had unequal rights in the community. The think emoji represents creating ideas. A woman’s resilience often surprises everyone. The heart of a woman is inspiring and beautiful.

As expected, in the earlier times, women must follow the norms even if it is against their will. The thinking emoticon reminds us to think about our decisions before agreeing into something actively and abruptly. It is a simple way of saying you want to pause first and think about your next move. It is not acceptable to decide on something half-heartedly. 

Weightlifter Emoji

Women before were perceived as not athletic. Women can also achieve what men can do. The truism of gender inequality is getting old. We need a constant reminder that women can be sporty without being judged, and a woman can train at the gym. We can be healthy and muscular without mockery from others, especially men. 

Several well-known female athletes are making their mark on the sports industry. The weightlifter emoji can mean girl power. You can send this emoticon to your girlfriends when you want to hit the gym. It is a place where women and men can freely workout. We need to put an end to stereotypes and bullying. We are way past the stage of criticism and judgment in terms of genders.

Sun Behind Cloud Emoji

Life is not all fun and rainbows all the time. It is entirely normal to have bad days. Specifically, for girls, we feel vulnerable during our period. This emoji can mean that brighter days are coming. It would be best if you remained hopeful and optimistic amidst the noise. This emoticon is an instant mood lifter.

You can send this mood booster emoticon to your friends during that time of the month. We all experience weakness because of hormonal imbalance. This emoji will surely remind us that period pains and dilemmas do not last forever. There are home remedies available and are relatable. We need to be understanding and supportive during these sensitive days.

High-Heeled Shoe Emoji

A red stiletto is iconic, and it screams female empowerment. The Devil Wears Prada movie sums up this frame of mind. We are strong and independent women, and we own and run the world. This high-heeled shoe emoticon is a perfect symbol for feminism. We can all agree that the sound of high-heeled shoes implies beauty, class, and grace.

The clicking sound of the tip of a high-heeled shoe against the floor is powerful. Women should make use of the epic emoji more often. It is a representation of a woman’s strength. It is a symbolism of free will and persistence to do whatever she wants to do. Wearing heels adds personality to a woman. 

Lipstick Emoji

Red lipstick is a symbolism of power. A woman wearing lipstick has a long and remarkable history. We can all remember our grandmothers wearing one back in the day. This lipstick emoji is about attractiveness and artistic style. A woman’s lip color choice says a lot about her personality. It is a delight to know these fun facts about women’s accessories. All women should feel beautiful every day.

Throughout the ages, a lipstick manifests individuality. Women should express themselves openly. You send this to your favorite pal, and she will instantly get what you are trying to convey. She will be encouraged! The next time you are feeling blue, fix your hair up and put on a showstopper lipstick!

Express What You Feel With Emojis 

Female empowerment is ever-evolving and growing. It is a good advantage the modern times provide. These encouraging emoticons are free to use, and you have to send them more often. We need to support each other and extend a helping hand. Powerful women stand together! It is what life is truly about, and incredible things people with kind hearts.