As a homeowner, are you always on the defensive about what’s going to be the next thing that needs attention in your home?

An astounding number of homeowners, 77%, say they’ve had to deal with an unexpected repair issue in the first year of homeownership. 

Imagine how that number grows as the home ages. You may begin to experience HVAC issues, plumbing leaks, and roof problems among others. 

It is important to recognize the signs of a damaged or failing roof. Keep reading to learn these five major warning signs that you are in need of a roof repair.

1. Water Leaks 

This is a big red flag. Are you noticing water stains on your ceiling or walls? Water may be seeping through damaged shingles or a hole in the roof. The flashing may have some damage. 

If your roof is getting old or your roof installation was not done right, you can experience these issues. Don’t put off taking care of leaks as they’ll lead to bigger problems down the line. 

2. Sagging 

You don’t need a roof repair company to help you figure out this one. Can you visibly notice that your roof is sagging? This is another big sign that you need someone to repair or maybe even replace your roof. 

Sagging occurs when a roof is not properly ventilated causing moisture to get trapped inside the building materials of the roof. Eventually, the moisture causes rotting which in turn causes it to sag. 

A roofing contractor will take a look and go through a roof inspection checklist to evaluate and inspect your roof. But at this point, you probably need a roof replacement. 

4. Missing Or Damaged Shingles 

Are there shingles missing? Are some of them broken or damaged? When you have a few broken shingles, there’s no reason to panic, but you should have them repaired.

Missing shingles may be a sign they were improperly placed and warrant a repair, but a significant amount of broken or missing shingles will lead to bigger problems. It may mean it’s time for a roof replacement. 

5. Stuff Growing On The Roof 

Do you have moss, mold, or mildew growing on your roof? Any or all of the three spell trouble. Moss growth begins in cool, moist areas and will cause the roof to rot over time. 

If there are areas where water is pooling on the roof, you may soon see mold and mildew. Even if you don’t see it, you may notice a musty odor. 

Is It Time To Call A Pro For Your Roof Repair?

Now that you know the signs that you need a roof repair, is it time to call in the big guns? If you’re still unsure, you can call most roof repair service companies for a free inspection. When you suspect you have a problem, be proactive in protecting your home from weather, critters, and loss of value. 

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