Did you know that an estimated 3.7 million high school students graduated from U.S. high schools in 2019? One of the most important things that high school graduates need to do before they don the cap and gown and get their diploma is put together a resume. Writing tips go a long way towards a great resume, but formatting tips make a world of difference.

If you’re getting ready to graduate from high school then it is time to look at all of your experience and put it together in a resume for applying for jobs or college. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about formatting advice and writing advice that will prepare you for the future.

Keep reading this article for five helpful tips that will make writing your resume a walk in the park!

1. Customize Your Resume

It is important that you customize and tailor the content and descriptions within your resume to fit the job that you’re applying for. The descriptions for the main portions of your resume are your chance to create a strong first impression on potential employers that you’re applying to work for.

2. Include Relevant Education Information

For most high school students, school and getting good grades is a job in itself. Employers realize that you might not have prior job experience, so you should look for ways to highlight the skills and knowledge that you’ve gained through different classes that you’ve taken at your high school.

3. Add Extracurricular Activities

If you’re an active participant in any clubs or athletic teams at your high school then you should also add that to your resume. Anything that shows that you have experience working with people is great for bolstering your resume and creating a positive first impression. You can combine that with writing tips and a free resume generator.

4. Highlight Your Achievements

Getting good grades or having perfect attendance are both things that students get rewards for. Don’t be afraid to add these rewards and achievements to your resume as a way to impress potential employers. These achievements mark you as someone that goes the extra mile and it will make you stand out from your peers.

5. Keep Your Resume Simple

There is a point where you want to make your resume stand out, but the best way to do that is by using formatting tips and writing tips to make your resume compelling. Avoid using a lot of loud and crazy colors or fancy fonts with your resume. Keep your resume to one page and avoid clutter and formatting errors.

Now Your High School Students Are Resume Experts

Writing a resume is a difficult task no matter what stage of life you’re in, but it is even more difficult for high school students that don’t have job experience. Following writing advice and formatting tips will help, but you should also highlight your different achievements and talk about extracurricular that you participate in.

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