Over 5000 motorcyclists die in road traffic accidents every year in the US. Riders are 29 times more likely to die in an accident than a car driver. So how do you stay safe on the road?

With a few changes, you can minimize the risk. Read on as we give five essential safety tips for riding a motorcycle. 

1. Invest in Safety Gear

Riding a motorcycle should never be done last minute. You should take the time to put on the right safety equipment. These are designed not only to look cool but are there for a reason. 

Even the most minor collision on a bike is sure to send you skidding across the floor. If you are wearing jeans, shorts or t-shirts then expect to have your skin ripped off at the very least. 

Always wear an approved helmet, with glasses or goggles if you have an open-face design. Thick riding gloves and leathers should also be worn. 

2. Inspect Your Bike Before Riding

Motorcycle safety should always begin with a quick check of your bike before you hit the road. This prevents any surprises once you start on your ride. 

Start by checking the tire pressure and tread. Adjust your mirrors and make sure all lights are working correctly. Finally, set off slowly and do a test on the brakes. 

3. Check the Weather

Many motorcycle accidents can be prevented with a little advanced planning. No matter how good a driver you are, the bike is not suited for many adverse weather conditions. By avoiding them you can cut down on the chance of an accident. 

Never drive on wet, icy, or snowy roads when it can be avoided. If it seems like they may occur on your journey, then put the trip off or go by car instead. 

4. Ride Defensively

If you don’t want to get hurt on your motorcycle, then you need to drive defensively. This is when you utilize safe driving strategies to minimize and identify hazards before they occur. 

Even larger motorcycles have a much smaller profile than cars and SUVs. If you can keep this in mind and make sure you are visible, you can assist in preventing accidents.

5. Stay In Your Comfort Zone

Knowing how to ride a motorcycle correctly can keep you safe. Even if you have passed your test, you need experience before you should drive a larger bike at bigger speeds. Work your way up and don’t go out of your comfort zone. 

A bike should also fit your body size. It should never feel too heavy and your feet should be able to rest flat on the ground. Always make sure you are familiar with the route you are taking so you don’t misjudge turns. 

Riding a Motorcycle

When you are next riding a motorcycle, start with a bike check. Make sure it is the right vehicle for you, then get the right gear. Drive defensively and you should be safe on your trip. 

This article is one of many to keep you safe. From cars to trucks, we can help you navigate the roads in the coming year.