Did you know that companies with low employee team engagement have 18% – 43% increased turnover rates?

Turnover spells trouble for organizations because it translates to increased costs. Each resignation forces you to incur recruitment, onboarding, and training costs.

The best way to protect your business is by ensuring optimal team engagement. Engagement reduces turnover and increases productivity, thus improving your bottom line.

Curious to learn how to boost employee engagement? Read on as we explore surefire engagement strategies in this article.

Let’s get started!

1. Make Work More Enjoyable

Let’s face it: Work isn’t the most enjoyable activity, especially if you have to do the same thing each day. Having your employees do repetitive tasks won’t do much for engagement.

You can make work interesting through job rotations and increased autonomy. Job rotations allow employees to sample different roles, so they never get bored. Besides, autonomy allows them to experiment, so they’ll likely offer innovative solutions.

2. Ask for Regular Employee Feedback

Efficient internal communications are essential to keeping employees interested in your company. Asking for regular feedback shows employees that you value their opinions.

You can hold discussions where employees speak about their experiences working for you. Or, you can collect anonymous feedback through surveys and suggestion boxes. The latter is a better tactic if open communication isn’t part of your workplace culture.

3. Recognize Employees’ Efforts

Positive recognition sparks positive behavior in all human interactions. Recognizing your employees when they do well makes them feel valued and engaged.

You can offer monetary gifts or paid vacation days if you have a huge budget. Or, you can recognize the performing teams through social media if you don’t have a large budget. A simple “good job” goes a long way in keeping your employees happy.

4. Offer Time Affluence

Employees today are looking for more than just competitive salaries and benefits. The modern workforce also wants work-life balance and more flexible work hours.

The pandemic showed us that remote employees are as effective as office employees. So, don’t be afraid of allowing your employees to work from home for several days a week.

You can also recruit employees online to create a flexible culture from the onset. Metaverse interviews are effective because they’re like face-to-face interviews. Valuing your employees’ time will improve their engagement and consequent productivity.

5. Involve Employees in Decision Making

Give your employees a peek behind the curtain by involving them in decision-making. You can involve them in job openings, evaluations, and company values talks. It’s especially vital to involve them in discussions that affect them directly.

Allowing them to give their opinions makes them feel appreciated. They’re also likely to bring unique eyes to the managerial table. It’s a win-win situation.

Implement These Team Engagement Tips for Fast Results

These team engagement strategies will help you reduce turnover and increase productivity. You don’t have to set a huge budget aside for employee engagement efforts.

Something as simple as offering a flexible work schedule improves team engagement. And, you don’t have to break the bank.

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