Did you know the total automotive eCommerce market is valued at $38 billion dollars in 2022?

Many people are turning toward simple modifications to boost their vehicle’s curb appeal. Many of these mods you can purchase online and install yourself.

By making these simple modifications to your vehicle, you can be turning heads on the street.

Continue reading to learn these 7 simple car modifications that will enhance the look of your whip.

1. Custom LEDs

Custom LEDs are quickly becoming the most desirable aftermarket car mod.

With a simple LED kit, you can add headlight halos, foglights, or accessory lighting to your vehicle without breaking the bank.

Companies are getting so creative with their custom LED offerings. You can add light to almost any part of your car now. We just recommend doing it tastefully.

2. Powder Coated Wheels

Powder coating gives a little flair to your wheels without the cost of replacing them entirely. Powder coating protects your wheels, and it doesn’t chip like paint will.

Powder coating is essentially spraying pigmented electrostatic molecules at a material, which causes them to bind to the surface of the material.

Powder coated rims after often a very affordable way to up the curb appeal of your wheels.

3. Accent Wrapping

Wrapping an entire car is expensive, and you will almost certainly pay someone else to wrap your car for you. It is difficult to do yourself, and expensive to pay someone else to do it.

Instead, you can wrap parts of your car or use wrapping as accents. It is much easier to wrap your mirrors or to add a racing stripe to your car.

With a little attention to detail, you can add a minor wrap job to part of your car that won’t break the bank.

4. Console and Dash Covers

Console covers can protect your console as well as your elbows. If your center console or dash leaves something to be desired, picking up a custom cover for your car’s model can customize your interior in a tasteful way.

5. Trunk Liner

If you use your trunk often, a new liner can look stylish and enhance the functionality of your car.

By adding a custom liner, you can adapt your car to your needs. Whether it’s a stylish fabric liner or an all-weather rubber liner, choosing a liner that meets your needs looks better.

6. Window Tint

Window tinting is a great and simple modification, as long as it is within legal regulations.

Side windows are easy to do by yourself, but you should have a professional do your back window. It is usually quite cheap and saves a lot of hassle.

7. Interior Vinyl

Inputting your car’s make and model into Amazon will return countless vinyl covers for your car’s interior. You can style your car in so many ways to match your new console covers or other accents.

The vinyl covering is also waterproof and protects the interior from any damage.

Can You Think of Any Other Car Modifications?

The aftermarket automotive industry is rapidly growing. With so many new car modifications, you can constantly tinker with and upgrade your vehicle. Are there any other car modifications you think are great value for the price?

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