9 Easy steps for hiring a car accident lawyer in Colorado

Even the best drivers end up in unfortunate car accidents and collisions. If you were injured in such an accident or rear-ender in Colorado, consider hiring an attorney. While not necessary, a skilled and experienced attorney may make a big difference to the compensation you get. If you are feeling confused about hiring a car accident lawyer in Colorado, follow the easy steps listed below. 

  1. Ask around. If you know people who have worked with personal injury attorneys in the past, ask for references. Alternatively, you check online too. Websites like Avvo are really useful.
  2. Check reviews. If an accident lawyer claims to be among the best in Colorado, they will have positive reviews and testimonials. While you can always ask for client references later, check Google for reviews. 
  3. Get on the call. The first conversation with a car accident lawyer will typically happen on the phone. If the attorney is interested, they will schedule a meeting online or in person. 
  4. Ask about experience. You can try to get an answer for one important question – How frequently do they deal with car accident lawsuits? Specific experience can be really handy. 
  5. Discuss the expected settlement. During the case evaluation, the attorney will explain the damages you can recover and what you can expect realistically in compensation. While your lawyer shouldn’t overpromise, they must discuss financials. 
  6. Ask about the fee. Ideally, an attorney should work on personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means the lawyer gets paid, only if they win. The fee is usually a fixed percentage of the settlement, varying between 25% and 40%
  7. Trial experience is important. You have to consider hiring a lawyer, who has experience of courtroom trials too. While most claims are settled outside of court, your attorney’s understanding and work profile will matter in trial. 
  8. Be honest. It doesn’t concern hiring the attorney, but if you want to win a fair settlement and avoid complications, be honest about what you share. If you had a part share in fault, let the lawyer know in advance. 
  9. Don’t delay. Don’t wait for long to call an attorney. In fact, contact the lawyer right after, so that they can gather evidence and help with the claims process. They can also handle negotiations with the claims adjuster on your behalf. 

Don’t let someone’s negligence ruin your life and impact your finances – Consider calling a car accident lawyer immediately for advice.