Most companies, large or small, require some data management system to track their inventory, sales, customer information, personnel information, income and expenses, logistics, or whatever data their business runs on. While it sounds incredibly fancy and high-tech, data management software is designed to manage data, and there is really no limit to the types of data that may need to be managed.

Types of Data Management


For example, hospitals and medical groups use data management software specifically designed to track patient information and maintain HIPAA compliance. Medical data management software has to track a complex mix of information, including personal health data and billing information, so that multiple departments will access the database.

Distribution companies require data management that will allow them to track orders, inventory, billing, and customer information in real-time. From the moment an order is placed with the company, those with access to the software should answer questions regarding where the product is in the process of being pulled, packaged, and delivered to the buyer.

Every database requires backup for emergencies, security to keep it safe, and analytics to be examined and properly utilized. There is a lot to consider for companies interested in data management software. One of the factors they need to consider is hiring and training staff to use the data management software they choose.

Data Management Training


To help both businesses and prospective employees, TIBCO offers low-cost software licenses for students in technology programs to learn how to use them before getting a job. This will allow students the opportunity to learn different systems and make themselves more marketable. It will also benefit employers in hiring already experienced employees who will not need additional training. This is a cost-effective approach for businesses.

While the software may not be completely universal for all potential jobs, having the experience will allow the student to learn different software programs that operate in similar ways. If applying for a job with a new company that has not chosen a data management software program yet, the student can provide insight based on experience with the software.

Software Solutions


The data platform and data integrity are critical for any business or e-commerce professionals. Finding software solutions that address the data needs is critical to the growth of that business. Companies that have resisted the investment into data management have fallen behind and need someone already familiar with the software to help them regain their footing in their respective industry.

Data collection is a huge job, but it is also critical to business growth. In addition to providing real-time updates and tracking for all businesses, the analytics provided through the software are essential to budgeting and making important business decisions. Companies can use the data to determine best-selling products, best-selling regions, and best-selling people. When planning a budget, the data from the previous year can be used to determine what programs or products need to be eliminated and which ones need focus from sales.

TIBCO is offering low-cost licensing to current students as a means to promoting their software products. This is a very strategic and well-thought-out marketing plan. It costs them nothing since they are still getting a minimal payment for the software. Yet, it enhances their relationship with both businesses and new students coming out of technology programs. They are targeting the individuals who will be making important business decisions down the road. They are taking a long-game approach to their marketing in this way. Allowing students to work with the software will also help them identify potential problems or areas of improvement as the students identify them.