Did you know that astronauts see 16 sunsets per day? If you live near a beach (or you’re on a beach vacation), you need to catch the sunset at least once. 

We’re here with a few tips that can make your trip to see the sunset on the beach worthwhile. Read on to learn more.

What to Bring

You don’t need many items to enjoy a sunset on the beach. Really, you can just bring yourself and you’ll be more than prepared. That said, if you’re turning this into a whole activity, there are a few things that you may want to pack in your backpack.

Consider bringing several blankets with you for when it gets dark after sunset. One should be a large beach blanket and the others should be comfortable enough to wrap yourself in as the weather cools down.

If you choose to skip the blanket, bring a light sweater or cardigan to keep yourself warm.

Check the Weather (and Prepare for Changes)

Before you go check out a sunset on the beach, make sure that you plan for the weather. It would be disappointing if you arrived at the beach only to realize that the sunset either isn’t visible at all or that it’s dull due to cloud coverage.

We always recommend checking the weather online through multiple channels to get a good idea of what your evening is going to look like.

You should also get a good idea of what the temperature is going to be like while you’re viewing the sunset. As the sun sets, the night is going to get chilly (even if it was hot and balmy during the day). 

Another upside of checking a weather website before you go to the beach is that the websites typically tell you what time the sun is going to set that night so you don’t miss it.

Pick the Right Spot 

Finding the right spot on the beach is crucial if you want a good view of the sunset. This is especially true if you’re trying to take sunset pictures on the beach. Trying to get pictures of a sunset on the beach will be a lost cause if you don’t choose the right location.

Remember that the sun sets in the west. Ideally, you have a west-facing beach. If you’re on the east coast, this is going to be more challenging.

For great photos, try to find a spot with a good view of the water. The sun setting right over the water makes for a great photo. 

Get There Early

The time that the sun sets varies depending on the time of year. Check your local sunset time for the current season and plan to get to the beach early. 

If you’re going to a popular beach, you’re going to be competing with other people for a good view. There are sure to be many families and couples on the beach at sunset! This isn’t ideal if you want to take a few photos.

Try to get there around golden hour. Bonus: the golden hour is the perfect time to take portraits, so you can snap a few beach selfies while you wait. 

Go Watch a Sunset on the Beach

Watching a sunset on the beach is relaxing and fun. It’s a great way to close out a beach vacation. Use these tips to make sure that your sunset-viewing (and photographing) experience is great.

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