There are several reasons why you may need the advice of an employment lawyer in California. It could be related to workplace discrimination based on factors like age, gender, or pregnancy, or something like sexual harassment from a supervisor. Also, there are other reasons why you may want to consult a lawyer, like understanding job offers, claims, and for negotiations. If you are hiring an Irvine employment lawyer for the first time, here are some things to know about the first consultation.

Find your reason

Why would you want to meet an employment lawyer in California? Here are some circumstances worth knowing – 

  • You don’t know how to deal with job offer documents
  • You have been asked to sign an agreement that may impact your job
  • You were denied due wages, rights and benefits
  • You were wrongfully terminated from the job
  • You have suffered discrimination because of age, gender, pregnancy, race, religion, gender identity, or other stated reasons
  • Your employer has retaliated against you for complaining or whistleblowing 
  • You have been subject to work in a hostile environment
  • You have suffered sexual harassment at work

What to expect from an employment lawyer?

A reliable and known employment lawyer will help you understand your circumstances better. Just because you believe that you have a harassment or discrimination case doesn’t mean that your claim will stand. Sometimes, proving things may be hard, while in other cases, this could mean going to court, which could be an expensive offer. An employment lawyer is your best resource for understanding the possible outcomes of the case. Although a number of cases related to employment matters are settled outside of court, your case may end up in trial, for which an attorney can handle the complicated work. While employment lawyers must be empathetic, it is their job to ensure that clients get fair and unbiased advice. 

Finding an employment lawyer in Irvine

There are many law firms in Irvine that specialize in employment laws and related matters, and their lawyers can be easily found online. When you meet an employment lawyer for the first time, you have to ask questions, discuss all relevant aspects of the case, and make sure that the lawyer has experience with similar circumstances. 

Also, note that employment lawyers may not work on a contingency fee like personal injury lawyers. It is wise to discuss the financials in advance, including other costs that might be necessary to pursue the matter legally.