Did you know that the number of seniors requiring care will nearly quadruple by 2041? If your loved one is aging, you may be living out this statistic every day. It can be a huge challenge to see your loved one struggling.

Seeing them struggle with managing daily life can be painful. If they can’t keep clean, manage their finances, and more, you may be wondering what to do.

Luckily assisted living facilities are a great solution for you. Your loved one receives the care they need. No more worrying about falls, medical conditions, and hygiene alone.

Wondering what you need to know to pick the best assisted living facilities near you? Keep reading for the answers. 

Services Offered

Get clear on what your senior’s needs are. Senior assisted living facilities offer varying levels of care. Assisted living facility by definition means the facility provides help with everyday tasks.

But this can range from 24/7 care to occasional check-ins. The facility may provide meals or have individual apartments with communal leisure areas.

Will your loved one need help bathing, cleaning the house, and cooking? Will they need help with a health issue or with taking medication?

Many facilities will also offer transportation options for appointments. They may also offer different meal options, enrichment activities, and field trips.

You can check this helpful article on choosing a senior living community. You’ll find useful questions to ask the facility as you make your decision. 

Safety Comes First

It’s not as easy as googling “assisted living facilities near me” and picking one. You’ll want to read up on the safety record of the facility you choose. You can request to speak to the residents and staff.

The National Center for Assisted Living publishes reports on facilities. You can check these online.

You can also go online to search state records and news articles. You’ll feel better knowing your loved one is receiving adequate care.

Coverage and Costs

You’ll want to look at your budget as well. Depending on services and location, the cost can vary.

Check how pricing works as well. Is there one sum for all services, or does each service have a separate charge?

You can opt for long-term care insurance to help pay for your loved one. You can also explore Medicare coverage. Medicare does not cover living fees but medical care can be covered.

Medicaid is an option to cover living expenses. But this option is only when your loved one has no more money in savings to cover it themselves.

Finding Assisted Living Facilities Near You

Choosing assisted living facilities that meet your needs may feel like a big task. You know your loved one needs the care and attention that a facility can provide. Check for safety, services, and costs before you make your choice.

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