Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is possible through many different channels. In this article, we will discuss different ways to get Bitcoin. The same buying principles work with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Bitcoin is a liquid investment target, so in principle the amount to be invested in Bitcoin should be one that can be kept aside for a little longer. Initially, you should keep the amounts moderate and learn the buying and preserving processes. Only when the know-how has increased does it make sense to increase the amount to be invested. So if you need to know How to buy bitcoin in Australia then here and some bits of information for you.

Bitcoin Vending Machines

Bitcoins can also be conveniently purchased from a vending machine. The buying and selling limits for bitmates are 5,000 and 10,000 dollars with easy identification via online banking. There are no buy and sell limits through the Coinmotion account. Bitcoin operates within the scope of the regulations of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

OTC Trading

The purchase of Bitcoin is also successful through an OTC (Over-The-Counter) transaction, whereby the buyer and seller often carry out the transaction privately, without third parties. In OTC trading, Bitcoin can be exchanged via cash or bank transfer.

There are also several platforms for OTC trading, the best known of which is probably the Local Bitcoins. Other larger OTC platforms include decentralized stock exchange. Of these, Local Bitcoins volume was completely dominant for a long time; however, Paxful has recently increased its market share a lot. Bisq is still a relatively small player in the market.

Two OTC trade between the counterparty transactions will not be recorded into the volume of traditional exchanges, so the amount of exchange of measurement is quite difficult. However, many experts estimate that the size of the OTC market is larger than the volume of stock exchanges. In addition, in OTC trading, it is also possible to trade Bitcoin off-chain, in which case there are no traces of the transaction in the block chain itself. Pursuant to consultations between the two private-party transactions should be exercised due diligence and general caution. You can Find out more and get the best understanding of the process.

Investigate Before The Huts.

Bitcoin gives the average person the freedom to manage their own money. It’s something the traditional banking world doesn’t offer. At the same time, however, it brings responsibility. Find out what it’s all about before you put the money down.

Preservation and Use of Bitcoins

You can store bitcoins in your account, but if you want to keep the bitcoins you bought, you will need to purchase your own secure Bitcoin wallet. Or, if you want to use the bitcoins you purchase to pay, it is recommended transferring some of the bitcoins to a separate user wallet for smoother payment. You can find information about different wallets online.


A Bitcoin investor should exercise caution and caution when approaching a Bitcoin acquisition decision. The basics of investing are good to have. Domestic regulated stock exchanges are a good starting point, as they are all subject to the Financial Supervisory Authority. Despite Bitcoin’s historically good value performance, it must be remembered that it is still a relatively speculative investment target (2020) with significant political, economic and social risks.