Who are Air Miles partners?

The Air Miles program is super popular in Canada and their list of partners is one of the main reasons why. First of all, Air Miles has hundreds of partners: retailers and service providers who offer Air Miles when you buy from them. More partners means more opportunities to earn. Luckily for Canadians, the Air Miles affiliate list includes some heavyweights, where you’re likely to spend a large chunk of your monthly budget. Partner supermarkets include Safeway, Sobeys, and Metro, and you can even pick up from alcohol partners like Thrifty Foods Liquor and Safeway Liquor. Rona, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware offer Air Miles in home improvement and hardware. Shell is the gas partner and offers 1 Mile per 15 L at the pump. There are even travel-related partners such as Budget, Alamo and National car rentals, and WestJet and Air Canada.

Which gas stations use Air Miles?

While Air Miles is widely accepted in Canada, the program is only offered at a limited number of Canadian gas stations. Currently, Shell Canada and Irving Oil are the two gas stations in Canada that accept Air Miles. The rewards you earn also depend on the province you live in. This could of course change, so keep an eye on the Air Miles website for the addition of new partners in the future.

How can you earn Air Miles faster?

With any rewards program, the more you earn, the better the rewards. So how do you make sure you earn as many Air Miles as possible? Read on for our top tips.

Use an Air Miles credit card to earn Miles everywhere you shop. This way you can earn on every dollar you spend. You can also “double up” with an Air Miles Collector Card when shopping through Air Miles partners. For example, if you use an Air Miles credit card for a purchase at Metro, you will get Air Miles because they are a partner store, but if you also show your Collector Card, you will double your amount of Miles.

Check with Air Miles partner stores regularly and keep an eye out for multiplier days. When you shop during these events, you will earn between 2 and 20 times the Miles. When you shop at an Air Miles partner, also check to see if there are any bonuses on the shelves. These are usually promoted through stickers near the shelf price and allow you to earn more Miles for the purchase of a particular product. Or go online to airmilesshops.ca and search their stores for items with bonuses. For example, the Hudson’s Bay Company recently sold their famous striped blanket with a bonus of 3x Miles.

When you shop through airmilesshops.ca, you use the Air Miles portal to access some of your favorite brands, but better. By shopping here (as opposed to, for example, through the store’s website), you can access offers and earn more Miles that would not otherwise be available to you. For example, you can earn 5x the Miles when you shop at Dyson Canada and 2x the Miles when you shop through the portal at Amazon.ca.

Finally, credit cards often offer juicy bonuses for signing up, spending a certain amount, or signing up for a service like paperless statements. Look out for tempting offers.

What is the difference between Air Miles Dream Miles and Cash Miles?

Another feature of the Air Miles program is that you can choose from two different ways to save: in Cash Miles or Dream Miles.

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