Projections show that the global automotive paints & coatings market will reach a value of $16.44 billion by 2026.

Cars can be exposed to a lot of factors and elements that will harm the exterior in some way. Car painting can often involve protective coatings which will help protect the exterior of your car.

For some of the main benefits of having a protective coating on your car, keep reading.

Keeps Your Vehicle Looking New

One thing that many people worry about with a new car is paint protection. It doesn’t take a lot for a brand new car to look older than it is, so you want to hold onto that brand new look as well as you can.

Protective vehicle coating will protect your car paint job and keep it looking fresh for longer. It leaves a smooth, high gloss finish that will stand the tests of time.

Protects From Chips and Scratches

Even on a short drive, there is a risk of rocks or other debris hitting your car. This can easily cause small chips or scratches in the paintwork, so adding car paint protection film to help avoid this is a great idea.

This is especially important if you often drive on roads with loose surfaces. Some car paint protection products even have self-healing protection, so small scratches in the protective layer will heal up naturally when exposed to heat.

Protects From UV Rays

Most people forget about sunlight when thinking of the things that can harm your car. It’s a slow process, but over time UV rays will cause your paint to fade. This will have your car looking old and worn out.

Protective coating for cars acts like sunscreen does for skin, offering a layer of protection for the surface underneath. This will keep your paint job looking bright and shiny for longer.

Stain Resistant

On top of everything else that protective coatings offer, higher quality ones can also protect from different types of stains. Llumar platinum PPF gives excellent protection from things like oil, dirt, and tar, which can be very difficult to remove without a protective layer.

Reduced Maintenance

Protective coating for cars means that taking care of your car will be easier. As it will be more resistant to scratches, fading, stains, etc. you will then not have to worry as much about maintenance and repairs in the future.

Without a protective coating, you will need to wax your car multiple times a year to keep it looking shiny and new. A proper protective coating will keep this look without the need for any additional waxing or polishing, making things easier for you.

Increases Resale Value

When selling a car the first thing potential buyers will see and notice is the exterior. If your car looks good on the outside it will help keep the resale value high. Things like scratches and faded paint are signs of a car that hasn’t been looked after, so people will be less interested in it.

With a protective coating, your car will still be looking great when you go to sell it, making it easier to get a good price for it.

Car Painting Advice

If you want your car to stay in the best condition possible it’s a good idea to use a car painting method that involves a protective coating. The benefits a protective layer offers can make a significant difference to your car in the long run.

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