A boring car just isn’t as fun to drive. That’s why investing in fun upgrades can elevate the driving experience. But which features deserve attention from your hard-earned cash?

Read on to learn about the car upgrades you should spend money on next!

Improve Performance with a Car Wheels Upgrade

Better wheels can provide a smoother, quieter ride with improved stopping distance. If your wheels are aging or cupping, invest in a new set. Just be aware that you’ll need to spend over $100 per tire to get a quality wheel.

And if you’re driving in snowy weather, it may be wise to invest in a set of snow tires, too. The deeper tread will keep your car from sliding, and you can swap them out for all-season tires in the spring.

Tighten Turns with an Anti-Roll Bar

Sometimes improvements beneath the surface can be most noticeable. That is true with an anti-roll bar, or sway bar, which attaches to your suspension and prevents rolling. And at about $150, this upgrade won’t gouge your budget.

An anti-roll bar helps your car’s weight feel more balanced, and that translates into smoother turns. In other words, your car won’t feel like it’s leaning. For taller vehicles, like SUVs, anti-roll bars can create a more nimble driving experience.

Turn to Interior or Exterior Detailing 

A car detailing upgrade can refresh the interior or exterior of your vehicle. An interior detailing involves shampooing carpet or applying conditioner to leather. Additionally, the technicians will tackle vinyl or plastic and trim.

Get an auto detailing estimate and ask what’s included in exterior detailing. You’ll want your paint polished to eliminate scratches and streaks. And you can ask about cleaning the engine bay, lights, and undercarriage.

Blast the Bass with a Car Stereo Upgrade

For long commutes, you want a good sound system. Fortunately, a car stereo upgrade is relatively easy to do, and you can do one portion at a time if you’re on a tight budget.

Start with a better radio. A new receiver can provide improved sound to your existing speakers. And if your current radio is very old, a new one can enable connecting a phone to play music.

Then, when finances allow, go with a 4-channel amp and subwoofer for more power. You’ll love the bolder bass and clarity!

Enhance Your Seating Situation

When you’re on a road trip or daily commute, you want to be comfortable. Seats lose cushioning over time, and that spells bad news for your back. Invest in a car seats upgrade.

New velour seat covers or racing harnesses can provide relief and a stylish new look. Choose a matching custom fabric for consistency, or go with a two-tone option for more flair. In either case, you won’t be stuck looking at coffee stains and threadbare fabric anymore.

Invest in the Best Car Upgrades

Spending money on car upgrades can make an old car feel new again. This investment can improve performance when you upgrade tires or choose a new sway bar. And it can improve your overall driving experience when you pursue a car stereo upgrade or new seats.

For more ways to get the most out of your vehicle, check back to find new articles.