Your little girl is the perfect daddy’s princess and you want the best gifts for her always. Much like others, if she is into Barbie, then these coloring pages for girls might be the perfect gift for her. These coloring pages have Barbie in them in different moods. Not just the doll only, but there is some nature as well in some pictures. So, now you can color your Barbie in the best way you want and can style her up with your creative mind.

There is no need to opt for any one color, specifically pink. You can easily let the creative juices flow and end up with the best coloring option. There are so many pages you can print online and gift your little princess. She will spend hours coloring through the lines and won’t disturb you while you are in a Zoom meeting with your office colleagues.

So many scenes to choose from:

Much like the Pony coloring sheets, these Barbie sheets have so many ventures to try out. You have Barbie as a fashion model, then the one riding a horse. You even have Barbie in a sitting position with her dog or cat, and a lovely picture of Barbie and Ken together, sharing some kisses. You have Barbie in her wedding gown with Ken by her side in one picture too. No matter what your choice might be, you can print from several copies and let your girls color through the lines. It is one way to let them know the value of patience as well!

Interesting facts about Barbie:

Have you ever wondered why people are into Barbie as coloring pages for girls? Checking out some of the interesting Barbie facts will help you get the right answer here.

  • Barbie’s full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts and she was created by Ruth Handler.
  • The very first Barbie doll was made in 1959 and sold for as little as $3. 
  • The name Barbie was given by Ruth after her daughter Barbara.
  • Barbie has three younger sisters and they are called Stacie, Skipper, and Chelsea.
  • Her first pet was a horse, which goes by the name Dancer.
  • Barbie was the first ever doll to have appeared on a series of coloring pages, which are now available online and just a click away!

Now find pictures online:

With just a click of your mouse button, you will come across some of the best printable coloring pages with Barbie doll, her boyfriend Ken, some friends, numerous pets, and more. You can even try something different for your daughter by presenting her with Pony coloring sheets. Here, she will come across Little Pony and add colors according to her will. But if she is into Barbie then these coloring sheets will be a great gift she will remember forever.

Spend some meaningful time with your daughter and have fun at the same time by presenting her with the Barbie coloring sheets. These are available free of cost, which is another feather to the cap!