Dining room is the most important space of a house because it is the most used space where you start the day with your meal that will keep you energized during a hard day at work and where you end your day while bonding with your family. This is also the place where you entertain your guests and host parties for your friends and office colleagues.

It is therefore essential that we choose the lighting fixtures of this particular room with diligence. Correct size, shape, material, and amount of illumination it can provide will greatly affect the functionality of this room.

The blog post by Sofary is the perfect lighting blog that has great ideas that can help you in making an informed selection of chandelier for your dining room. You can read the blog to get to know if your dining room décor will blend with a crystal chandelier or you need to go for modernized designs. Finally, you can also read on how you can create a more luxurious looking space with different styles of lightning fixtures.

Types of Dining room lightings

Given the versatility and functionality of this space of your home, it is very important that the lightning fixture that you choose can set up the mood for different occasions. A highly illuminated space is perfect for hosting a thanksgiving dinner while dim lighting makes for a romantic dinner with your partner.

The types of lightning that can be used for dining rooms are:

  1. Ambient lightning
  • If you are looking for illumination of the entire room and not just a focal spot, you must go for ambient lightning.
  • The brightness provided by these fixtures is very comfortable to the eyes without any glares.
  • As it is a very basic fixture, it can be used as a lightning base which can be decorated in layers afterwards.
  • Beautiful antique central chandeliers and ceiling lights often form the ambient lights of your room.
  1. Task lightning
  • This type of lightning is used to create a specific focus on an area where you need enhanced illumination to perform certain tasks more efficiently.
  • It is used to provide more clarity and reduce eye strain.
  • This type of lightning is specifically used as kitchen top lighting where you do most of the cooking and cleaning.
  • Pendant lights are commonly used for this purpose along with customized lightings for various kitchen and dining room cabinets.
  1. Accent lightning
  • This is specifically used to accentuate the décor of the dining room.
  • You can highlight the walls, certain paintings, decors, and your kitchen garden with the use of accent lights.
  • This will create different focal points in the room.
  • As the accent lighting is usually focused to highlight a certain object, its illumination power has to be double or triple when compared to your ambient lights.
  • Some dimmers, wall scones, and track lights can form beautiful addition to the décor of your dining room.

You can install a single source of light or combine these 3 varieties to create a perfect ambience for your dining room. You just need to ensure that the lightning fixtures blend perfectly with each other and increase the functionality of your space.