NGPF Is Excited To Share That The Cryptocurrency Mini Unit Has Become “Nearpod-ized”! Each lesson of the new mini-unit has a corresponding Nearpod to make lesson planning a little easier.

What the Cryptocurrency Mini Unit IS:

NGPF’s cryptocurrency mini-unit has been carefully designed to ensure it is informative, analytical and empowers educators to provide their students with quality information that they can use when making cryptocurrency decisions that affect their learning. financial future.

What the Cryptocurrency Mini-Unit IS NOT:

This new mini unit is not intended to encourage or discourage students when it comes to buying cryptocurrency. In a world where celebrities are endorsing cryptocurrencies and crypto-related services left and right, we feel it is more important than ever that young people fully understand the world of cryptocurrency before making a decision as to whether or not they are ready to participate.

Where can I find these Nearpod lessons?

To find these Nearpod lessons, visit the Cryptocurrency Mini Unit page. Then click on the desired lesson and click the orange “View Nearpod Lesson” button.

How can I adapt these Nearpod lessons to my classroom?

This blog post explains how to adapt these ready-made Nearpod lessons to fit your classroom.

Do you want to refresh your knowledge about cryptocurrencies? Check out our upcoming Virtual PD 5 in 50: Cryptocurrency on Monday 28-3!

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