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There’s more to sex than you think you understand. From the onset of the relationship to the intimacy, then the sex, a lot must have gone down. One key to a healthy relationship is understanding your partner’s body and knowing their erogenous zones. Like the popular nape of the neck, these zones are some places you could fondle, kiss or touch that instantly move your intimacy from one to a hundred in less than minutes. 


The most important fact is that you must understand your partner’s body if you want to locate their erogenous zones. Once you can get this, intimacy and sex in the relationship become less difficult. Like in every porn video, both partners already understand themselves making it quite easy to touch the other person in the exact place where they are most vulnerable. 


The more you understand your partner, the higher the possibility of you becoming even better at the concept of sex. Sex isn’t just a tool that helps you expel energy; it could be a means of becoming more intimate with your partner over the years. The more you have sex, the higher your chances of discovering more erogenous zones. 


It is, however, noted that women have more erogenous zones than men, and the reason is not far-fetched. If you don’t know where to touch your partner to get them in the mood, that’s because you haven’t taken the time to do your assignment. 


How to find your partner’s erogenous zone

One way to improve intimacy in a relationship is by knowing your way around your partner’s body. You know where to touch it, when, and how you ought to touch it. Below are some of the ways to navigate your partner’s erogenous zones. 


  • Engage in mutual masturbation: 

This is one of the most important and effective means of understanding your partner. Allow them to touch themselves while you watch, and do the same. With this, you understand what turns you on and where you like to be touched the most when turned on. 


  • Watch porn videos: 

Porn is another way of understanding your partner’s body. It is quite rare to watch porn and not be aroused. The moment they are aroused, you get your chance to run through their body to see where they are most sensitive. 


  • Have a chat with them: 

Another way to understand your partner’s body is by simply asking them. Have a conversation with your partner about how they love to be touched and where they are most sensitive. The more exogenous parts you know, your chances of getting them to bed increase. Getting to be, however, is not the goal, but making them orgasm and helping them enjoy the intimacy.