They call it fine dining for a reason. If you were to study the art of making the finest and most renowned scotch whiskeys you would also stumble upon how these are to be cherished. You can only enjoy the drink when you drink it in a particular way; there is a fascinating pattern of pairing fine Scotch with food and dessert. A Single Malt Scotch Whiskey [ซิงเกิลมอลต์วิสกี้, which is term in Thai] refers to thefamous Scotch whiskey made with a single mash of malted barley and distilled in a single distillery and matured in oak cases for years.

How To Drink Scotch Whiskey

For the uninitiated, this may appear to be a simple question – pour it in fine glassware and drink it up. Apparently there is a process of the drinking too. And surely there is fine glassware too, very fine crystal. Experts have often said that the art of enjoying this fine blend of Scotch whiskey is to hold it close to your nose before the first sip and enjoy the smell. This process of smelling the whiskey in a no hurried way doubles the enjoyment of the drink later. This is followed by the first sip, more like a little taste of it. Once sipped let it go in and allow the taste to settle in the mouth. There is of course a strong feel of alcohol but this will be rounded with various flavours some of which can be fruity or even bit woody.

Pairing Of food And Scotch

There is always a certain variety of food like meat and desserts served with Scotch whiskey. Seafood is a big favourite serving with fine Scotch. Sushi and smoked Salmon are some of the favourites. Desserts like chocolates and apple pie and last but not the least cheese is also one of the staple servings with fine Scotch whisky.