Some people like me love to travel with family, and we always enjoy our tours in different places. Although, we most likely love the countryside or resort the majority of the moment for some peace. Two adults taking a trip with four youngsters under the age of 9 including two 28-month-old toddlers is testing. Everywhere in Bangkok is abounded with individuals, in the malls, on the trains, on the roads. I may shed a kid someplace in Bangkok if it is simply my hubby and I bringing them there.

If not for the presence of my expanded relative, we may not have the guts to bring them to Bangkok at all.

Our Option

Nevertheless, there are times when it was simply the two of us dragging along the four children. We endured the jampacked city making use of the young child carriers. We did not also bother to bring our pram. The carrier is the most straightforward means to navigate ourselves out of the not-so-pram-friendly, stressful, as well as busy roads. 

We invested 3 evenings in Bangkok, and 3 evenings in Khao Yai. Nope, it wasn’t a buying trip for us in Bangkok. The children have no interest in malls. As a matter of fact, shopping was so exhausting for them that they break down in the shopping malls regularly. So, while the rest of the grownups went with purchasing, massage therapies, as well as supper, we brought them to do their kiddy stuff or went straight back to our accommodation for some early nights.

If you want to visit Travel with kids in Khaoyai [พาลูกเที่ยวเขาใหญ่, which is the term in Thai], please contact the link.


Our 2-night stay in Khao Yai was all about absorbing the fresh air and engaging with stock. The rate was sluggish, as well as relaxing, and the kids did not give me a lot of difficulties.