Divorce could cost you a fortune. Despite your planning to represent yourself in the court of law, the fee for divorce could burn a significant hole in your pocket. In such an event, you may wonder how to get divorced without spending a dime. It would be possible to seek a divorce without depositing the court fees, provided you were in a relatively difficult financial situation. The Mitchell & Crunk Attorneys at Law would guide you through the process. 

Let us delve into how you could get a divorce without any money. 

  • Fee waiver for indigents 

Are you wondering how to file for divorce without money? You should rest assured that the state has an indigent fee waiver process enabling you to file for divorce. It entails requesting the court for waiving off the court fees associated with the procedure. The process has been specifically designed to assist people with limited finances to seek divorce. 

  • Obtaining divorce forms 

You should get the fees waived before obtained the divorce forms. You need to check the online realm for a local divorce attorney. You could download the divorce forms from their website. The forms would be imperative to file for divorce along with asking for a fee waiver. You could go through the instruction booklet. It would help you understand the process. 

  • Provide financial proof 

When looking forward to waiving off the divorce fee, you should prove the court about your indigence and poor financial condition. It would be inclusive of proof of income from all sources, disability, payroll, child support, assets, and your debts. You could also request for tax returns. The forms would tell you about the documents required by the court. 

You do not need money to file for divorce, but you would require following the procedure to waive off the court fee.