Digital transformation has forced businesses to adopt new technologies, and that has increased the risk of cyber threats. It often looks like hackers are a step ahead in causing damage, and they often rely on malware, phishing emails and network scanning, to find possible vulnerabilities within networks and systems. Hiring ethical hackers can help in fixing your cybersecurity concerns. They can be granted access to hack your company’s recorder, or other networks, so as to expose vulnerabilities. Here’s an overview of ethical hacking. 

What is ethical hacking?

In simple words, ethical hacking attempts to duplicate what real hackers do to cause system damage. Ethical hackers work with clients and businesses to find flaws, bugs, and vulnerabilities, which are not obvious on the surface.

How to hire ethical hackers?

You can either choose to run a bug bounty programs like many companies do, or else, there are services, who can hire ethical hackers for your business. Either way, the purpose remains the same. 

Benefits of using ethical hackers

  1. First and foremost, it is a proactive approach to cybersecurity and can help your company in fixing issues and security flaws that may otherwise be exploited. With ethical hackers, you can expect to find unexpected details. 
  2. Many ethical hackers also advise clients on how to manage their security better. They can offer assistance on stepping up security measures, or may offer suggestions to change certain things within the organization. 
  3. Relying on security community and using ethical hackers also limits the liability of a business, in case a breach happens. The company can show that they did all in their capacity to counter cyber threats. 
  4. Given the fact that malicious hackers are causing damage and attacks that are often unnoticed, you need a team that can think on the same lines. You are granting permission to ethical hackers to cause disruption, if possible, so that new threats can be detected. 
  5. Lastly, it is about protecting your business. Even a small breach can have a cascading effect on an enterprise, and often, it takes years to recover from the damage. The losses can be huge, and in contrast, what you pay ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities is much lesser. 

The security community is constantly trying to make the web a safe place for businesses, and the best you can do is hire a team of ethical hackers, who can work as an extended arm of your business, or simply test systems once in a while.