Did you know that swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States?

It’s great for your mental and physical health, and it’s perfect for anyone trying to bring more physical activity into their life. There’s also an abundance of games and activities you or the kids can enjoy while in the water. What are they, though?

Read on to learn more, and maybe even revisit your old favorite swimming pool game.

Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows is a popular favorite, and it’s great for small and large groups alike.

You start with choosing one shark (or two if you’re playing with a lot of people), and then the minnows stand on the other side of the pool facing the shark. Once everyone is in place, the shark says, “Fishy, fishy, come and play.”

The minnows then begin walking across the pool while the shark stands in place. The shark, whoever, can yell “Shark attack!” at any moment and begin chasing down the minnows. Whoever gets caught is then made a shark during the next round.

Your ultimate goal is to make it to the other side without being caught by the shark.

Considering the fish, this game is a great fit for salt water pools.

Dive for Treasure

For this game, it’s important to have goggles on hand, and, of course, you’ll need treasure to chase down.

Everyone playing is going to start in the pool while someone else outside the pool throws the toys into the water. Once the thrower yells, “Go!” everyone is meant to start diving for treasure. Once all the treasure is gone, whoever has the most is the winner.

Chicken Fight

This game requires four players, two for each team. One person is going to stand in the water while the other sits on their shoulders. It’s important that the player standing in the water is tall enough to have their head and shoulders above the surface while playing, though.

It’s a good idea to establish ground rules before playing this game, like staying away from the pool deck, keeping hands off heads, necks, and also hair. This is going to help prevent injury throughout the game.

Once rules have been established and each standing player has their teammate on their shoulders, the two top players wrestle until one person falls off. Whoever falls in first loses that round.

If you have more than four people, you can also make a tournament out of it. The winning pair continues to go up against new teams until each one has played a round. Whoever’s left standing is the winner.

Ready to Find a New Favorite Swimming Pool Game?

Now that we’ve gone over a few of the best, are you ready to find your new favorite swimming pool game? The best part about a day spent in the pool: it doesn’t matter what age you are. Even if you’re an adult, you can definitely try out these games for yourself!

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