Are you thinking about starting a new home improvement project? If so, you may consider adding a deck to your property.

A deck serves as a great outdoor addition to your home. It’s great for entertaining guests or even to just relax and soak up some rays.

There are many different types of decks to choose from and each deck will be beneficial in different ways. Therefore, It’s important to learn about the variety of different decks so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Want to learn more? Then keep reading this guide to learn about 5 different deck ideas for your home.

1) Attached Deck

An attached deck is a very common type of deck that is attached to a door of your house. This allows for easy access to and from the deck.

An attached deck has a similar appearance to a patio and is made from wood or wood deposits like Trex, Cali-Bamboo, or Dura-Life.

You can even add a roof to your attached deck which is great for shade or inclement weather when entertaining.

2) Detached Deck

A detached deck differs from an attached deck because it is not attached to your house. Instead, it can be built in anywhere in your backyard.

Oftentimes detached decks are led by a walking path or even a staircase. People also tend to surround detached decks with beautiful greenery like flowers and bushes.

Another plus of detached decks is that they are typically more cost-efficient than attached decks and can be built over uneven ground or insufficient drainage.

3) Wraparound Deck

A wraparound deck wraps around your entire house and has a very similar look to a porch. The only difference is that wraparound decks can be uneven and offer more space.

Wraparound decks are great for those who want to relax in the front or backyard of their house and are easily accessible from doors in the house.

Wraparound decks are also useful for air circulation in your home.

4) Multi-Story Deck

A multi-story deck contains more than one level. This type of deck is most often seen in homes with big backyards.

If the terrain in your backyard is made up of hills and slopes, a multi-story deck will be a great asset.

Multi-story decks are visually appealing, however, they do tend to be more on the expensive side.

5) Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks are placed either on your roof or over your garage. You will often find this type of rooftop deck in a big city.

Rooftop decks provide gorgeous, breezy views and are great for relaxing or entertaining.

It’s important for your property to be tested by professionals to ensure that the rooftop deck is safe to be installed. offers a variety of different home replacement services including deckbuilding.

5 Different Types of Decks

Those were 5 different types of decks for your home. Still, aren’t sure which deck is the best for you?

Then be sure to speak with a professional to help determine the right choice for your property.

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