You likely spend a lot of time in your car, between commuting to work, picking up the kids, and running errands. The inside of your vehicle may be comfortable, holding everything you need while on the road.

However, the exterior may be lacking. If you’re looking to stand out when you hit the road, a car exterior upgrade may be just what you need.

When looking for inspiration for your car’s exterior, you may feel at a loss. However, you’ll want to keep reading for some of the best ideas to help you ride in style.

1. Car Wraps

One of the best ways to change up the exterior of your car is to get your vehicle wrapped. 

These wraps aren’t permanent, meaning you can switch them up whenever you want! Since they are easily removed, they won’t impact your car’s resale value or damage the paint.

You may even find that exotic car wraps help protect your paint from scratches and fading. Plus, if one area of your wrap is damaged, you can easily re-wrap without having to redo your entire car.

2. Detailing

If you love your ride’s original color, you may be hesitant to wrap your exterior. This won’t prevent you from giving your car a makeover, though. 

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your ride without physically altering your vehicle is to look into car exterior detailing. This process helps your car shine, looking fresh off the lot, without physical differences.

Though you may not know how to detail a car exterior, the process is simple. However, you’ll want to invest in the right tools and supplies to ensure you don’t damage your car.

3. Light It Up

Finally, one of the most fun ways to transform your car is through lights! From your taillights to installing specialty exterior options, this is a great way to make a bold statement on the road. 

You can install colored lights underneath your car to enhance the appearance. This is known as an underglow and can help your ride stand out.

Taillights can be tricky to navigate, as there are legal aspects you need to keep in mind. For example, you won’t be able to use any colored lights, as they pose a safety threat.

Luckily, there are covers that display an image or pattern on the lights. You’ll want to ensure they don’t cover too much of the light, though! 

Car Exterior Upgrades You’ll Want to Invest In

When it comes to your car exterior options, you may feel limited in your choices to show off your personality.

Luckily, there are ways to turn your boring vehicle into a hot rod ride! From cleaning the exterior of your car to wrapping it in a unique color, your ride will turn heads.

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