If you have kids who love all things LEGO®, did you know you can sign them up for a completely free LEGO® magazine subscription?! This makes our list of the best magazine subscriptions for kids!

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Free LEGO Life Magazine subscription for kids!

Free LEGO® Magazine subscription

If you have kids who love LEGO, I just want to remind you of this awesome FREEBIE!

Did you know you can sign up for a completely free LEGO® magazine subscription?! You are not committed to anything and it is 100% free!

(Well, apart from the fact that there’s definitely some marketing and advertising built into each issue about the latest kits coming out…so your kids can get really excited about the new LEGO® sets coming! ;))

Your first issue will arrive in 6-16 weeks. If you want to give it at Easter, just print a picture of it and roll it up to stick in a basket or envelope! Kids will be SO happy when it starts arriving weeks later!

building LEGOs

What is LEGO® Life Magazine?

This magazine used to be called LEGO® Club Magazine, but has been renamed LEGO® Life Magazine in recent years.

It is designed for children between 5 and 9 years old. And after giving your child’s date of birth, they will receive these FREE magazines 4 times a year until they are no longer within the age limit. (And then they can download the free LEGO® Life app to use!)

Each issue is packed with stories, activities, posters, comics, contests, creative building ideas and more!

Kids can even submit their own creations to be featured in the magazine!

Child with LEGO Magazine

Our kids loved LEGO® Magazine

When they were younger, our kids absolutely loved this magazine.

It was always one of their favorite magazines to receive in the mail, and it was SO nice for them to get some of their own mail!

I have fond memories of our three older kids spitting out the latest LEGO® issue and reading cover to cover — especially Kathrynne!

This magazine provided hours of entertainment for all our kids without spending a dime!

free LEGO® magazine subscription

Go here to sign up your child for a FREE subscription!

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