Australia has more to offer than the Crocodile Hunter. More than 700,000 Americans went to Australia in 2019. They fanned out across the country, going to all regions and visiting a number of locations. 

As you might imagine, many Americans went to the beach. You can have a great time visiting the beaches in Australia, yet you shouldn’t book your tickets just yet. You need to know about the best beaches in Australia. 

Where is the best beach in Australia for swimming? Where should you go if you want to avoid the crowds or go snorkeling? Where are the best beach hotels? 

Answer these questions and you can become an honorary Aussie in no time. Here are five of Australia’s best beaches.

1. Gnarabup Beach

Gnarabup Beach is on the Margaret River in Western Australia. A large reef protects the beach, which makes the water very still and easy to swim in. If you want to launch a boat, you can use a boat ramp and paddle out into the water.

Gnarabup Beach is one of many incredible beaches in the Margaret River region. Find out more information about the region before you plan your vacation.

2. Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach is in Port Douglas in Queensland. As the name suggests, the beach is very long, so you can spread out and avoid the crowds. If you want to lounge in the shade, you can sit beneath a tall palm tree. 

The water off of Four Mile Beach is very calm, so you can do whatever water activities you like. You can try out kitesurfing and parasailing as well as bodyboarding.

3. Wineglass Bay Beach

Wineglass Bay Beach is one of Australia’s best surf spots. The beach is shaped like a crescent, which keeps the crowd sizes small. You can try windsurfing, as the winds can be fairly strong off the water. 

The beach is not in a well-known area. If you’re looking for the best beach hotels in Australia, you should go somewhere else.

4. Turquoise Bay Beach

Turquoise Bay Beach offers the best beach vacation in Australia for snorkeling. You can find plenty of reefs nearby, and you can swim near manta rays and whale sharks. Be careful around the southernmost area of the beach, as the currents around there can be very strong.

5. Noosa Heads Main Beach

Noosa Heads Main Beach offers great opportunities for families. Many hotels and restaurants line the beach, so you can step out of your room and head down to the sand. You can learn how to surf and fish from local businesses, and you can go swimming in the calm water.

The Best Beaches in Australia

The best beaches in Australia may surprise you. The water is so still off of Gnarabup Beach that it is practically a swimming pool. Four Mile Beach has more waves, so you can try out different water activities. 

Wineglass Bay Beach is remote, but you can enjoy windsurfing by yourself. If you’re interested in marine life, you should head to Turquoise Bay Beach. You can bring the kids to Noosa Heads Main Beach and learn about fishing from the locals. 

Try out everything Australia has to offer. Read more Australian travel guides by following our coverage.