Looking for ways to save some money? Try the GetUpside app to earn cash back on your gas purchases! It’s super easy to get started!

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If you’re looking for creative ways to save money, be sure to check out the GetUpside gas saver app!

What is the GetUpside app?

GetUpside is a mobile app that offers money back offers at gas stations, supermarkets and restaurants. It is free to download on iOS or Android.

Right now their primary focus and main way of making money is at gas stations (but they are in the process of adding more grocery stores and restaurants!).

I tried this app and it is super easy to use! I am very excited to earn money back on all my gas purchases!!

how to claim a gas offer with money back?

How exactly does it work?

Follow these steps to save money on gas:

Go HERE.Sign up. Make sure to use code MSM20 to get a bonus of $0.20 per gallon on your first fill up! (That’s on top of the regular savings you get every time you fill up!) Check the map for deals near you. Claim an offer near you. Fill up within 4 hours to redeem. There are two ways to redeem: either by submitting a receipt or by providing your card number at locations marked with a blue lightning bolt. Print the receipt and send it. Or select which card you use for instant processing without submitting a receipt. (Look for the blue lightning bolt – only available in certain locations.) That’s it! You will receive your money back within 2-4 days!

money back at Shell gas station via GetUpside app

I used the app today when I filled up. I filled up at a Shell station with the blue lightning bolt, and it was SO easy. Now it shows as processing in my account and I see the money back in a few days!

Is the GetUpside app available everywhere?

The GetUpside app is available in most cities in the US and has more than 25,000 gas stations nationwide.

In my area I had MANY choices of gas stations. I was very impressed, and I didn’t even have to step out of my way, not even a little!

map of gas saving locations

How much can you save on gas?

The gas rewards typically earn you up to $0.25/gallon, depending on location. So if you fill up with 15 gallons, that’s a saving of $3.75 per fill up! Not bad!!

PLUS, if you sign up at this link and use code MSM20 when signing up, you will get a BONUS $0.20/gallon on your first fill up which can be combined with your regular earnings. Wow!

But that is not everything! They have a really great referral program, where you can earn even more. You earn a $0.15/gallon bonus when you refer a friend (and they also receive an additional $0.15/gallon bonus on their second fill up).

Also, referrers will continue to earn an additional $0.01/gallon each time their referral redeems a GetUpside gas offer. Pretty cool!

gift card options for payout

How do you cash out with the GetUpside app?

You can pay out via PayPal, gift cards or direct deposit.

You must reach a $15 threshold to cash out through PayPal, a $50 threshold for direct deposit, and gift cards vary slightly from brand to brand.

And they have a great selection of popular gift cards to choose from, including Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, Dunkin, Panera, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Target, CVS, Ace Hardware, Walmart, and more!

Whichever way you choose to cash out, I have a feeling these gas savings will add up VERY quickly – especially if you commute to work a lot!

Have you ever tried the GetUpside app? I’d love to hear your opinion, if so!

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