Maybe you have become determined to change your diet for the better and are looking for direction. Or perhaps you have been eating healthy for a while and are curious about why you don’t seem to be shedding the pounds. 

For whatever reason you decided to check out this article, one thing is clear. 

It is very easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we are eating well. Marketing and how nice things taste on our lips are the biggest culprits. But many things that are touted as healthy are, in reality, foods to avoid for weight loss. 

So what are some of them? And what are their alternatives? 

Keep on reading to find out!

  1. Energy Bars

Cravings in the middle of the day are often the cause of most of our unhealthy eating habits. For that reason, many of the things in this list will be, unsurprisingly, snacks. But the first among them is generally had to negate those cravings in the first place.

Energy bars. 

You may be among those who view energy bars as a smart choice. Maybe you are going to boost up your energy reserves before using one of the exercise plans on or want a good option between meals. Some even choose to have them in place of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But beware! You may be doing more harm than good.

Great marketing has led us to believe that energy bars are healthy, but in most cases they contain sugars and syrups as primary ingredients, making them one of the foods to avoid for weight loss. 

If you do want to keep eating them purely for their convenience then pay attention to the ingredients on the back. You want to choose those that have the smallest list possible and where any added sugars are low in the pecking order. 

  1. Fat and Sugar-Free Foods

Often touted as the best foods for weight loss, sugar and fat-free foods are a no-brainer for anyone on a diet. Right?


The problem is that there is a logical issue with taking the fat and sugar out of foods. Fat equals flavor, and sugar is often what makes things tastier. So for it to still be delicious, if these things are taken out then something else has to be put in.

This is more often than not more sodium and other additives, including carbs to avoid weight loss. They also include chemicals that at times can be doing more harm than good. 

Remember too, fat and sugar-free doesn’t mean calorie-free, so you could be eating the same amount of calories without the added flavor. 

Time and time again it has been proven that fats are nothing to be afraid of if the right fats are had as part of a healthy diet. So don’t get into the habit of buying everything fat and sugar-free, because the only thing that you may end up being free of is weight loss!

  1. Salads

What on earth is salad doing on this list? This go-to healthy option may be a surprising inclusion on a list of foods to avoid for weight loss, but hear us out.

Salads are a wonderful choice to have as part of a regular diet, but only if you make them yourself. While you may think choosing one at a restaurant may be the logical choice, in reality, it could contain the same amount of calories as the hamburger or rack of ribs that you are avoiding. 

The culprits? Very often store-bought or restaurant-made salads are served with cheeses, meats, and croutons that will shoot their calorie count right up. And if they include delicious rich dressings that will push their calorie count through the roof.

So try to stick to making your own salads. Make use of this high-protein foods list for weight loss to pack them with an extra punch. Then if they form a regular part of your diet you shouldn’t feel so bad if you go for the double cheeseburger when out.

  1. Trail Mix 

Whoever invented trail mix deserves some credit. It has gone from being a treat carried in the bags of budding hikers everywhere, becoming a staple on office desks and drawers around the country. 

But with that habit, it has made people fall victim to thinking that they are living healthy. But that is a fallacy that is easy to pull apart upon a closer inspection. Trail mix was made to give energy to people that were going to be burning it instantly, yet as most of us who count it as treat are stationary it just turns into additional calories. 

And let’s be honest, the tastiest ones aren’t the healthy options. Chocolate pieces, yogurt-covered granola, and dried fruit all are full of sugars and those are the ones that we find ourselves gorging on at midnight, making them one of the foods to avoid at night for weight loss.

Instead, consider making your own with unsalted nuts and 90% cacao pieces for a real healthy treat to turn it into one of the many good weight loss foods. 

  1. Fruit Juice

By now we all know that our body needs, and craves water. It is the only drink that we should have in abundance, but some people find it hard to drink as a habit. 

Knowing that sugary sodas are bad, it is easy to look at fruit juices as a middle ground of sorts. But in most cases, they are just glorified sugar water.

All the benefits of having fruits are found in the fibers and other nutrients they contain when we eat them. What processed fruit juice does is take away all the benefits of fruit and leave us with the only negative aspect of this vital part of our diet, their sugars. 

Stick to the general principle of avoiding drinking your calories and try your best to develop a taste for water. Your body will thank you!

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss Hiding in Plain Sight

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