Workplace discrimination, although unfortunate and unlawful, can happen to anyone. The reason for discriminatory behavior may vary, but if you believe that your employer has acted in a way that can be termed as ‘discrimination’, you should consider legal action. At the least, you should know your rights and options ahead. The good news is there are many law firms in Texas, which work for employees alone, and their lawyers don’t fear taking on big companies and corporate firms. In this post, we are sharing more on how an experienced and skilled employment discrimination lawyer in Austin can help. 

Know your rights

Employees often do not know how to deal or respond to workplace discrimination. For instance, what if a senior has been making lewd remarks for a while? Or if your boss fires you because you are pregnant or over 50 years of age? The very first reason why you need an employment discrimination lawyer is to get an idea of your rights. Your lawyer can help in understanding what you can and cannot do, under the unique circumstances. 

Free case evaluation

Many law firms and employment discrimination lawyers working in Texas offer complementary case evaluation. Sometimes, what may seem like discrimination may be hard to prove, or may not hold as a charge. Expect your lawyer to suggest the best course of action, which gets you the justice you deserve. 

Legal action

Of course, if you have decided to sue a manager or the employer, your attorney can help with legal action. Not all Austin employment discrimination lawyers are same, so make sure that you have the right legal time by your side. It is important for an employment lawyer to have a fierce and damn-care attitude, because they often have to represent clients who are working for known brands and companies. 

Finding the right attorney

First and foremost, check if the attorney is Board-Certified Labor and Employment by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Next, check if the lawyer has enough experience. You need a law firm that only works for employees and executives, and not companies and brands. Experience in handling circumstances similar to yours is something worth considering. Thirdly, check if the employment lawyer is willing to work on a contingency basis. Unlike personal injury and other cases, where this is almost a norm, workplace discrimination lawsuits are different. However, depending on your circumstances, your lawyer may be able to work on a contingency basis.