Just because gable roofs are more common than hip roofs, it doesn’t mean that it is the best roof for you.

When comparing the hip vs. gable roof, each has its pros and cons. If you’re struggling to know which is right for your house, read on to learn some of these. 

What Is a Hip vs. Gable Roof? 

Do you remember being a child and drawing a simple house? It’s likely that you drew a gable roof on it.

This style of roof is one of the simplest. At its basic level, it consists of two slanted sides that meet together at the roof’s highest point. In shape, it resembles a triangle. 

In contrast, a hip roof is more complex. At its most basic, it consists of four triangle-shaped sides. Each joins will its neighbor on either side and with all the others at the roof’s highest point.

There are, however, many more hip roof styles that are more complex than this. 

Gable Roofs Are Less Expensive

One reason gable roofs are more common is because of their cost. Even if you hire the best roofers, you’ll likely spend a lot more on a hip roof installation. This is because gable home roofs are simpler and easier to install. 

However, just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean that it fares better in all situations. 

Hip Roofs Are Better With High Winds

Gable roofs have the flaw of being easy for high winds to destroy. Winds can easily get under the overhang of gable types of roofs. It can then completely lift the roof off its foundation. 

In contrast, hip roofs are sturdier. While wind can still get under the overhang, it will be more difficult for it to pull off the entire roof. Thus, if you live in an area with high winds, a hip roof may be the better choice.

However, hip roofs still have one major issue. 

Gable Roofs Drain Better 

When rain, snow, and other debris get on a gable roof, it will fall off without issue. It’s often a different case with hip roofs. 

Many complex hip roof styles have seams between their different parts. Different weather related debris can get caught in these. Sometimes, the buildup of excess weight can cause the roof to collapse. 

In other cases, snow and water can sit long enough to slip through the edges of the roof. Then it can get into your home. 

Take Advantage of Professionals’ Experience

Along with doing your own research, you can also talk with an experienced roofer. They can give you helpful suggestions for the roof style you should choose. 

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