When you are facing criminal charges in New Jersey, you wouldn’t want to delay hiring an attorney. The right criminal defense lawyer can make a big difference to your case. If you are looking for names, you need to ask around to find references. In case that’s not an option, check on Google or websites like Avvo, which are quite resourceful. Before you hire a Jersey City criminal defense attorney, below are some of the important questions to ask. 

  1. How long have you been a defense attorney? Expertise is key when it comes to criminal law, and you need to know if the lawyer has enough experience to handle a case like yours. 
  2. How often do you go to trial? Not all criminal lawyers have experience of trial. In many cases, plea bargains are enough to settle cases. However, there is always a chance that your case will end up in court, for which your lawyer’s courtroom confidence is critical. 
  3. Will you handle my case personally? Keep in mind that a bunch of criminal lawyers may work for the same firm. The lawyer you meet may not be the one handling your case. Make sure that you get the lawyer you are paying for. 
  4. What cases do you typically deal with? The scope of criminal law is huge, and attorneys often take up a specific set of cases. For instance, an attorney may specialize in handling violent crime-related cases, while others are more focused on misdemeanors. Ask the attorney about their area of practice. 
  5. How much do you charge? Most attorneys take up criminal cases on an hourly rate, while some may have retainer fee. Either way, you can expect the lawyer to give an overview of the costs involved. There can be other costs related to your case, so get an estimate in advance. 
  6. Can you share a few references? If a criminal lawyer claims to be among the best in Jersey City, they will have enough clients. Get a few references, or check on Google to find reviews. Make sure that the law firm has at least a few landmark cases to their credit. 
  7. How can I communicate with you? You don’t want to chase your lawyer for updates. Having a clear line of communication is necessary. Many attorneys may agree to give regular updates, but ensure that you have their number or email at the least. 

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