Did you know that 76% of Americans want more sustainable products? This means that we’re looking for more eco-friendly ways to conduct everyday life, including the ways we get around.

While some people bike as a hobby, others are using it as a fun and healthy way to commute and run errands. But normal bikes can be exhausting to pedal, especially when we’re working against harsh winds.

An excellent alternative is electric bicycles! These take some of the burden off you so you won’t have to be a sweaty and exhausted mess.

Interested in hearing more? Then read on to find out how electric bikes work.

How Do Electric Bicycles Work?

When you get e-bikes from somewhere like, they’ll come with a wide range of features. You can expect them to have a comfortable bike seat, as well as adjustable handlebars.

Here are the other parts of an electric bike and how they work.


The frame is important for bringing everything together, so the material it’s made of needs to be lightweight. Not only does this make your rides easier, but it also gets you more mileage.

Most electric bicycles are made of aluminum. This will get you up to 40 or 50 miles per charge of your battery. You can also get more miles in by switching to a more manual mode (more on this later).


E-bikes come with rechargeable batteries, most of which are made of lithium-ion since it’s lightweight. Charge up your battery before each ride so you don’t run out of charge unexpectedly.

If you’re afraid of this happening, some electric bikes allow you to plug in a second battery as backup.


The motor is located in either the front wheel’s hub, back wheel’s hub, or in the center of the bike. Its torque sensor feeds into the controller, which you’ll use to switch the settings.


Electric bikes come with several settings so you can adjust them during rides. Most bikes are pedal-assisted, which means you can still manually power the bike. However, if you’re feeling tired or the wind’s against you, you can turn up the setting on your controller so you don’t have to put in as much effort.


There are some models that come with regenerative braking. Whenever you’re actively pedaling your e-bike, this will charge up your battery a little.

While it’s not enough to make a significant difference, regenerative braking can still help extend each charge you get out of your battery.

Purchase an Electric Bike for Easier Travel

Now you know how electric bicycles work. Don’t they seem like a much easier way to get around, especially if you live somewhere with strong winds?

So buy an electric bicycle and start biking places instead of driving. You’ll be doing both the planet and yourself a favor!

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