Summer has arrived! That means it’s time to gas up your boat and head to the lake.

But before you load up the family for a long weekend on the water, you need to make sure your boat is in proper running condition. This means creating a checklist of mechanical items to check so that everyone will be as safe as possible when you’re enjoying a day in the sun.

Is your propeller looking a bit rough? If so, this article can help. Here we look at how to change a prop on a boat. Keep reading to learn more.

Check Your Outboard Motor Owner’s Manual

Let’s start by talking about the importance of purchasing the right type of replacement prop for your outboard motor. After all, each boat motor requires a specific type and size that will fit correctly and provide the best possible performance in the water.

Look at the owner’s manual that came with the outboard motor. It should list all the specs for replacement props. This will include the diameter, pitch, and rake specs.

And if you bought the motor used and don’t have the benefit of an owner’s manual, try to find the specs online.

The Tools You’ll Need

The tools required to replace your boat prop are pretty basic. The most specific tool for this job is called a prop wrench. Other than that, you’ll just need some needle-nose pliers, some grease, spare nuts, bolts, washers, and a cotter pin. 

Removing the Old Prop

Once you return from the boat propeller store, it’s time to remove the old prop from your outboard motor.

This is a simple process that involves removing the cotter pin with your needle-nose pliers, then loosening the prop nut. Remove the nut and washer, then gently remove the prop.

When you’re ready to upgrade the components of your outboard motor, here’s a place where you can find quality boat props.

Installing the New Prop

Now you’re ready to install the new prop on the outboard. Start by applying some grease so that the prop will rotate smoothly. Then slide the prop into position, along with the washer and nut. 

Go ahead and tighten the nut so that the prop is nice and secure, then install the cotter pin.

With the prop installed, turn it manually with your hand to ensure proper rotation.

Tips On How to Change a Prop On a Boat

When the sun is shining and it’s hot outside, that means it’s the ideal time to hit the lake for long summer days on the water. Fortunately, these tips on how to change a prop on a boat will help make your next family boating adventure the best ever.

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