Curtains play a key role in decorating your room.Similarly selection and choice of a curtain plays an equal role in decoration of your room. That’s why; you need to be careful while selecting a curtain in order to decorate your room. A wrong choice due to unawareness of some factors, may lead to a bad outlook of your room. Generally, there are a lot of factors which affect the selection of a curtain for your room. But, there are some factors which have prime importance while choosing a curtain for your living room or bed room. 

Tips for choosing right curtain:

Specifically talking, here, we will discuss these important factors in this article. These important factors may include, shape, size, color, design and so on.

  • Design and style:

The first and foremost factor which plays a role while choosing a curtain for your room is design and style of curtain. Depending upon choice, different people like different designs. Some of the people like plain curtains, while others like to have a printed or emblazoned curtain. For heavy traffic rooms, a textured curtain is a best option. Because textured curtains reflect light and don’t highlight the stains. Berber curtains are more durable as compared to other curtains, so they are the best option for rooms where kids play.

  • Easily maintainable:

If you have children, then you need to opt the stain resistant curtains. They will not get dirty easily. On the other hand if you buy sophisticated curtains, you will face difficulties to maintain their cleanliness and protection.

  • Color:

Color of a curtain also plays a major role in decorating your room. For example, light blue color is a symbol of calmness. You feel comfortable with this color. Light colors make small rooms look larger. Similarly, dark shades, patterns and colors make your curtain stain resistant, which is a plus point for you. Keeping in view all discussed above, you can choose the best color for your curtain in accordance with your requirements. 

  • Eco friendly material: 

Material generally used in curtains, is not eco friendly. Because it contains several chemicals which not only produce undesired odors but also affect the air quality badly. Thus they cause several diseases especially related to lungs. That’s why you need to buy curtains made up of eco friendly material. Or you can also go for curtains made up of recycled material in order to avoid pollution. 

  • Budget:

Last but not least, is the budget factor. You must keep in view your budget while purchasing a curtain. Wool and silk curtains are best quality curtains but they require a heavy budget. You can opt curtains made from nylon and other synthetic materials which look like wool and silk, but they are available at reasonable prices in the markets. 


If you are aware of the above mentioned factors and follow them, it would be easier for you to choose the curtain compatible with your requirements. 

So, before buying a curtain make sure to give a read to this article, it will help you a lot in this regard.