Chinese porcelain is one of the most beautiful works of art you can have in your home. You may have realized this, too, and that’s why you want to start collecting Chinese ceramics!

Before you start collecting porcelain, there are a few things you need to understand. This basic guide will help with your desire to collect Chinese porcelain. 

Do Your Research

The first thing you should do when collecting ceramics is to do your research. You would want to know: what makes Chinese porcelain so unique? You will need to look at various Chinese ceramics in order to get an understanding of the different types of Chinese porcelain, and how you can make your collection include more diverse pieces. 

When researching, you may need to familiarize yourself with the different marks on Chinese porcelain. The marks will refer to the dynasty and emperor that the items were made for. Reign marks can give you an idea as to how old the piece is, but you may need to dig deeper and understand whether the pieces fit in with the historical contexts.  

You may need to dive into books on Chinese ceramics to increase your knowledge!

Examine the Decorations

The decorations on Chinese porcelain pieces made for a domestic audience will be different than those that were created to appeal to Western eyes. Domestic pieces will have more Chinese motifs that include natural landscapes, Buddhist symbols, and more. Western-bound pieces will fuse Chinese designs with European motifs. 

This is something for you to look closely into when starting a collection. It is completely up to you whether you want to solely focus on Chinese pieces that portray their culture, or if you are excited about more Western-looking designs. 

Buy the Things You Love

As a collector, there is pressure to get items that seem valuable, even if they don’t appeal to your taste. You may be thinking of them as investments.

However, this may dampen your enthusiasm regarding your collection. Instead of focusing on something you love, it may end up becoming more like a chore or a ‘business decision’.

This is why it’s recommended to buy Chinese porcelain that you love! Even if this means you may be choosing less valuable items, you would want to have a collection that appeals to you first and foremost. 

How to Get Started on Collecting Chinese Porcelain

Have you always loved looking at Chinese porcelain? Maybe it’s time for you to start your own collection! This way, you can have those incredibly beautiful ceramic pieces in your own home. 

Before you get started, however, make sure to do your research. You would want to understand what makes Chinese ceramics unique, and what styles or designs you can start collecting. Make sure to examine the decorations and choose items that you love!

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