Nine out of 10 businesses don’t achieve their strategic targets.

As a leader of these businesses, you feel responsible for this shortcoming. You feel it’s your duty to inspire your employees to achieve the established strategic objectives. Unfortunately, none of your leadership tactics has worked, and you don’t understand why.

You feel confused, and you doubt your capability as a business leader.

So, what can you do to overcome this leadership challenge?

To help you out, here’s how to develop strategic planning skills as a business leader.

What’s Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning involves determining:

• The business’s current position
• Where the business is going (the growth plan)
• What the business needs to reach the specified destination (resource allocation)
• What can hinder the business in its journey (identifying growth obstacles)
• How many steps will it take for the business to reach the specified destination (setting priorities and short-term goals)

As a business leader, you need to learn what you can do to become better at undertaking the above things. Here are some practical ways to grow your strategic planning skills:

Learn To See The Big Picture

As a strategic planner, you must learn to see the big picture. You need to develop a comprehensive vision that guides the business’s growth. Ensure that the vision is clear enough for all stakeholders to understand it.

Emphasize On Strategy Execution

Part of growing your strategic planning competence involves becoming better at execution. That’s why you need to find resources that review strategy vs execution. You want to know how to implement the business’s strategic plans effectively.

Set A Realistic Timeframe

Most business leaders set vague timeframes for achieving strategic plans; hence, they fail. They don’t break down the strategic plans into small achievable goals with realistic timeframes. Thus, their employees don’t know what to do first and end up doing nothing.

To clear this confusion, communicate clearly the priorities in your strategic plans. Also, specify the deadline for achieving each objective and track progress.

Develop Flexible Strategic Plans

Most strategic plans fail because they’re not flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes. To become a great strategic planner, you must learn to develop agile plans. You want to know how to respond best when things don’t go according to plans.

The idea is to have room for change, ensuring you adapt fast and increase the odds of achieving your strategic goals.

Involve The Employees And Reward Them

Most business leaders fail because they segregate employees when undertaking strategic planning. The personnel feels they’re not part of the plan, so they shouldn’t be held accountable for its execution. Some even actively sabotage your actions as the business leader.

To overcome these challenges, involve the employees during strategic planning. Make them part of the plan to boost their commitment to achieving the set objectives.

Grow Your Strategic Planning Skills To Become A Great Business Leader

To become a great business leader, you need to improve your strategic planning skills. Rely on the above tips to know what it takes to become a better strategic planner.

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