With the humidity the way it is in Canada, foggy windows are something a lot of homeowners find themselves dealing with. Windows filled with fog can be inconvenient and frustrating to look at and they can also lead to the development of mold in the home. This is why if you’ve got a problem with foggy windows in your home you’ll want to deal with them right away.

This guide will help you to stop your windows from fogging up when you don’t want them to. Read on for some simple remedies to this common problem.

Why Are Your Home Windows Foggy?

Before we get into preventing foggy windows we need to look at what causes them in the first place. In modern-day homes, most new windows are comprised of two panes of glass with air between the panes. This gap between the panes is where fog will usually develop.

Windows fog up when there’s a lot of humidity in the air. Normally if you’re seeing fog on your windows it means that the seal around the glass is faulty or has worn away over time. This can also happen after excessive exposure to water.

Prevent Foggy Windows in Your Home

If you’re having trouble with foggy windows on a consistent basis then it’s possible you need to call a glass repair company to have the seal in your window fixed. Until you’re able to speak with a window services company about your window replacement, however, there are some things you can do in the meantime.

You can purchase a special spray or gel to put on your windows that will prevent them from fogging up in the first place. While this isn’t a sustainable or long-term solution it can be a good quick fix. You’ll find this spray at most hardware stores. 

Often foggy windows happen in stuffy homes. For this reason, if you want to stop your windows from fogging it can be good to make sure your home is well ventilated. Having good air circulation throughout your home and running fans will decrease the chance of your windows fogging.

Another great move can be to purchase a dehumidifier. This will help with the humidity that’s often the root cause of foggy windows.

There are lots of other great reasons to get a dehumidifier as well. You’ll enjoy better quality air, reduced dust, help with allergies and prevent dangerous mold and mildew from popping up in your home.

Say Goodbye To Window Fog Today

The best way to permanently get rid of foggy windows in our home is to tackle the problem head-on and buy windows that are designed to stop this problem. We hope that these tips will help make your life a little easier in the meantime.

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