Are you looking for ways to make money quickly?

If you answered yes, you’d want to try having a garage sale. People all over the country hold garage sales and make a substantial amount of extra cash. So take a step away from online shopping and try something old-fashioned!

But before you open your doors to the public, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your sale is successful. Here are some ultimate tips for holding a garage sale that will help you make the most money possible.

The Best Time to Hold a Garage Sale

The best time to hold a garage sale is spring or fall. You want to avoid the summer because it’s too hot and the winter because it’s too cold. You also want to avoid holidays because people are busy and not in the mood to shop.

The best days to hold a garage sale are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday and Saturday are the busiest days, so you’ll get the most traffic. Sunday is good because people are out and about and looking for deals.

Declutter and Price Your Items

When making a garage sale, the key is to declutter before your sale. This means going through your house and getting rid of anything you no longer need or want. 

Once you have decluttered, the next step is to price your items. Garage sale pricing can be tricky, but a good rule is to price items at about half of what you paid. This will help you to get rid of things and make some money at the same time. 

Advertise Your Sale

You must do more than just put up a few signs for a successful garage sale. You need to advertise your sale to draw in a crowd of bargain hunters.

Advertise your sale in the local paper or online. Be sure to include essential information like the date, time, and location of your sale.

How to Display Your Items

You need to make sure your items are clean and in good condition. This will make them more appealing to buyers.

Display your items in an organized and appealing way. This will make them more noticeable and make it easier for buyers to find what they want.

What to Do With the Remainder

After your garage sale is complete and you’ve sold most of your belongings, you may be left with a few items that didn’t sell.

Try not to be too attached to your things and remember that someone else may find a use for them. You can donate them to a local thrift store.

However, if you still want to keep them, view these self storage facilities for a clutter-free garage.

Follow These Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

If you want to make some extra cash by holding a garage sale, follow these ultimate tips for success! Declutter, advertise your sale, and organize your items. Most importantly, have fun and be prepared to haggle!

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