It seems like prices for everything just keep going up. In fact, the average price of a new car comes to more than $46,000. If you’re spending that kind of money on a new ride, keeping it looking like new is a priority.

For most drivers, that means finding ways to protect that glossy new-car paint job.

Protecting paint on a new car is easy, but it does take work. Here are a few proven tips to help guide your car paint protection efforts.

Wash and Wax It Often

No matter where you live, your car will be exposed to dirt, bugs, debris, and road grime. And while a little dirt shouldn’t hurt your car, some of those substances can eat through the clear coat and damage the paint underneath.

The best car paint protection comes from washing and waxing your car often. Try to wash your car as soon as you notice it looking dirty. Use a dedicated automotive cleaning solution and a good hard-shell wax to protect your paint job.

If you need to spot-clean your car between washings, use a wash-and-wax solution to keep your ride looking great.

Invest in Paint Protection Film

Even the cleanest cars can get dinged and scraped by wayward rocks or drivers opening their doors into your parked car. If left unrepaired, those minor scrapes and dings can allow water and moisture to penetrate through the paint and lead to rusty spots.

Instead of leaving things up to chance, invest in paint protection film. This film acts as a barrier between your car’s clear coat and the elements. If anything comes into contact with your car, it will have to scratch through the film before it can hurt your car’s paint job.

When choosing paint protection films, talk to a dedicated installation expert. They’ll help you find the right film for your needs and can make sure it’s installed properly so your car will be safe for years.

Keep It Covered

Leaving your car exposed to the elements is one of the easiest ways to threaten your car’s exterior. Sunlight can damage the paint and cause it to fade prematurely, and tree sap can degrade the clear coat, even if the car is properly waxed.

Instead of parking outside, look for covered parking whenever possible. Use parking garages when you’re out and about, park under a carport or in the garage at home, or use a car cover to protect the paint if you have to park out in the open.

Protecting Paint on Your New Car Is Easy

Protecting paint on new cars is the best way to keep them looking like new for as long as possible. If you follow these proven tips, you’ll be able to keep your car’s paint gleaming and bright for years to come.

Keep in mind that maintaining your car’s paint job is just one part of maintaining your ride’s value.

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