Are you looking to move to a new home? Do you own a guide dog?

If so, you’re likely wondering how to make a smooth transition to moving with them. After all, it’s both you and your guide dog who have to adapt to the new home.

So what do you do? How do you make this process as easy as possible?

This quick guide will teach you how to move with a guide dog and minimize the hassles as much as possible.

Here’s what you need to know.

Find a Community

One of the best ways to move with a guide dog is to find a great community to live in.

No matter how nice your new house might be, it’s not ideal if you choose to live in an isolated neighborhood.

Just as you’d want to get acquainted with your neighbors, your guide dog must get to know them.

If you’re ever in trouble, your guide dog can alert your neighbors that you need help. You can click for additional information on a great community that you might wish to consider.

Planning Ahead

Now let’s look at some of the preliminary steps to take before you start packing your bags.

The first step is to check the laws regarding guide dogs in the new area. Some areas ban certain breeds of dogs. Other areas might require you to register your dog with local authorities.

You’ve also got to find a new vet in your new area. Make sure you take your guide dog to this vet before you relocate. You want to ensure that your guide dog feels comfortable with this new vet first.

If you haven’t already, make sure your guide dog has your contact information on its collar. You might also want to put your new address or your community’s address. You can also consider microchipping your dog.

Depending on how far your new locale is, you might want to take your guide dog there a few times. You want to ensure that your guide dog gets comfortable with the new home and neighborhood.

Prepare Your New Home for Your Guide Dog

The final step is to ensure that your new home is ready for your guide dog. Before you move in, make sure there are secure fences and walls so that your guide dog can’t escape.

Make sure you also take your guide dog around your new neighborhood a few times. Make sure your guide dog feels just as comfortable with the move as you are!

You’re Ready to Move

Follow the steps in this guide and you’re ready for the big move with your guide dog.

Your first step is to look for a great community that’ll work for you and your guide dog. Make sure the two of you get to know your new neighbors well.

The next step is to ensure that your guide dog meets a new vet and is comfortable with them. Ensure that you get a new ID tag for your guide dog in case they get lost.

Before you move in, make sure that your home is prepared for your guide dog’s safety. You can find great content on guide dog benefits on our blog!