Some people ask, “Is detox a form of rehabilitation?”

While both are crucial to recovery, there are differences between the two. To be more specific, detox is what comes before longer-term treatment. It involves medical management of withdrawal symptoms.

Sometimes, detox also includes a treatment component. That’s why some folks understand “going to detox” as staying in a rehab center. 

Now, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, one of your top concerns could be how to select a detox center. Here, we’ll talk about some factors to consider so you can carefully evaluate your detox center options.

Different Types Of Addiction

Some struggle with their addiction to drugs. Others may have an alcohol addiction. There are also those who have multiple addictions. 

When choosing a detox center, it’s best to go for one that offers specific treatment for your addiction type. 

Location And Amenities

When you’re recovering from addictions, the support of your loved ones will be essential to your journey. That’s why most will select a detox center that’s accessible to their family and friends.

Of course, if you’re keeping your recovery a secret from your near and dear ones, you might think that the farther away from home the detox center, the better. This option is worth considering if it helps you focus on recovery by avoiding common triggers.

Amenities are also an important consideration. So you’ll have an idea about what amenities are like in a top-notch detox center; you can check out Hope Rising Recovery.

Detox Center Staff

Since detox is primarily a medical intervention, you want the people overseeing your recovery to be highly knowledgeable and experienced.

It’s also a must for the detox center to have a team that ensures 24/7 monitoring for the safety of their patients. 

Addiction Treatment Costs

How will you pay for your treatment? Does the detox center offer financial assistance?

Do they accept insurance? If money is tight, you may want to opt for a state-supported treatment center.

For those who don’t have health insurance, it helps to know that some facilities offer payment plans. Try to list down detox centers in your area and give each one a call to see which ones can accommodate financially strained patients.

Other Things To Look For To Select A Detox Center

Besides location, costs, and treatment programs, be sure to check accreditations, certifications, and licenses. You want your detox center to be state-recognized.

Don’t forget to check the duration of treatment. While some last for only a month, others offer lengthier programs. It would be great if the detox center you choose offers flexible treatment options. 

Last would be the center’s success rate and reputation. Go beyond the facility’s website to verify these things. Search online or ask recovering addicts for their recommendations.

How To Find Drug Or Alcohol Addiction Help

Now that you know how to select a detox center don’t stop here.

If you’re struggling with addiction or know someone who needs help, there are plenty of resources online that can help.

You can also browse our site to find more information on addiction, withdrawal, and other related topics.