One of the most fascinating aspects of life is the many possibilities of where people’s journeys will take them. Even people that grew up in the same neighborhoods and homes can end up in vastly different situations. 

Sometimes people end up making a mistake that lands them in serious trouble that results in jail time. A stint in jail is a huge adjustment and that person will need the support of their loved ones more than ever. 

An inmate’s loved ones need to show support during this time. It can help make the difference between rehabilitation and recidivism. Here are some ways you can be there for a loved one in jail. 

Send Money if Possible

Sending a loved one money can help make their stay a bit more bearable. 

Without money, they won’t be able to have access to stamps, phone cards, and envelopes. Money is a necessity if an inmate hopes to maintain contact with the people that care about them. 

Money also lets inmates purchase snacks from the commissary. Funds are also necessary to purchase hygiene products like toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

To deposit funds, you need their full name, booking number, and account balance. Inmates have a maximum amount of funds they can have at one time. Depositing funds takes as little time as five minutes to complete. 

Show Support By Staying in Touch

Even if a prison sentence is justified, it takes a toll on the inmate’s mental health. One of the best ways to help keep their spirits up is to stay in contact with them. It gives them something to look forward to when they get out. 

There are rules when it comes to communication, however. Staff at the prison monitor communications and have rules about the language used. That said, you can write a letter, talk on the phone, and video chat. 

You should also try visiting as often as possible. However, it’s not always easy to do this, especially if you have to travel to see them. 

Letters can bridge the gap between visits. It’s also a great way to encourage a loved one in-between visits. 

It’s also a good idea to send photos. Prison life can be dull and depressing; photos are an excellent breath of fresh air to lift their spirits. 

You can also make them feel loved by sending an inmate care package.

Take Care of Yourself

Going to prison takes a toll on the person going, but it also takes a toll on their loved ones. 

Feelings of shame, disappointment, anger, and sadness are several of the emotions that accompany a loved one going to jail. If you don’t care for yourself, you can’t be there for your loved one. Don’t feel guilty about doing what you need to do to care for yourself emotionally and physically. 

Walk This Road Together

Prison is meant to help rehabilitate inmates. When you show support, it helps them feel loved and allows you to help address some of the causes that result in this situation. By standing alongside them, something positive can come from their incarceration. 

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