Seeing the high interest of the whole community to use electronic equipment and equipment, it certainly makes this a promising business opportunity.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to start opening a very promising electronic shop business! However, run it by following the right tips so that the business can immediately experience success.

3 Tips for Starting a Successful and Profitable Mini Electronic Store Business

The electronic store business is an opportunity that gives very promising results, especially if the store is growing, as long as it is passed with passion, perseverance, and patience in the process, and follows the tips and tricks correctly.

In order for a business to start developing successfully in the early stages, consider the 3 points below.

  1. Initial Capital Required to Start an Electronic Store Business

The budget that you need to spend as initial capital to open an electronic store business is indeed quite expensive, considering the price of each product is indeed expensive.

However, if you do it slowly, the profit you can make is very tempting, even the payback period is quite fast.

The first time you open a shop, the capital you spend can reach tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of rupiah if the electronic products being traded are quite complete, and come from various brands.

Therefore, you should use investment products from banks that provide business capital services, or cooperate with other partners who have the potential to provide benefits for you to advance your electronic store business.

  1. Choose the Type or Variety of Electronic Store Products

Before opening a shop business, you should first determine the type and variety of electronic products to be traded. Example here

You can choose to sell various household electronic products whose demand is stable and increasing, such as washing machines, televisions, radios, electric stoves, and so on.

  1. Choose a Strategic Location For an Electronics Store

One of the important factors that causes the store to be crowded or not, namely the location or location of the establishment of the store.Visitors will certainly prefer shops located in areas or locations that are easily accessible by various vehicles and pedestrians.

Usually in a public place that is the center of the crowd, it can be erected around a highway adjacent to a shopping center, or in a large city residential area where the residents are quite crowded.

If your product business is starting to sell well and growing fast enough in the future you can open a branch.

Or vice versa if you are experiencing a shortage of funds, then you can rent several plots of land both outside and inside the shopping center to set up a shop temporarily.